Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thelma Leads the Family

Thelma led her family of goats up on the mini-mountain behind the yurt. But not a certain black goat because AbbyGoat is not led by anygoat! And me? Well, I follow my own lead.

She found some tasty grass and weeds for everygoat to eat.

She is no dummy when it comes to munching!
She showed her boys the best place to find the nibbles.

They are quick learners!
'Cause they are hungry goats!

Louise is no slouch when it comes to tasty greens.
She will show her kids when they arrive in August.
Here she just looks like she might want some privacy!
Silly kids!

My grandkids are good nannies.

Thelma agrees...


  1. You are going to have more baby goats at the farm? Awesome!

  2. That is a nice spot for yummy nommies AND such a beautiful scenery!

  3. all of you goats have the best view in the world!

  4. I bet all the goats have so much fun climbing the mountain. We can't believe there are going to be more goats either. Hope some nannies this time. Take care.

  5. Beautiful goats and beautiful scenery!

  6. love that sweet spotted tribe! very happy goats. :)

  7. A nice outing for all the goats. What a view!! And I too hope that there will be some girl kids in August. Otherwise you may have to borrow another daddy-goat...Luke is handing out too many boys!!

  8. So, who herds all the goats? Sherpa? The Rude Rooster?

  9. Whoa! Some goats could use birth control. Heh heh. That grass looks, er, yummy. Well not really.

  10. Aw, they look like they're in a scene from The Sound of Music! I am sorry I've been scarce for a day or two--I just can't do a *thing* with my Human!

    You have a YURT???

  11. They certainly have grown into fine young nannies!

  12. You have quite the herd of cow-goats!


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