Monday, June 10, 2013

Silly Ricky! Hay is for EATING

Ricky the goat is very silly.
He seems to think that hay is a fashion statement.
You think I am telling tales?

Judge for yourselves:

He thinks he is some kind of hay fashion model!
Do you see the sultry pose?
Do you see the look in his eye?
He should be EATING that hay now WEARING that hay!

His brother is not much better!
He is posing too but at least he is not wearing his food!
These two kids have a lot to learn.

At least they are EATING.


  1. Those two could be a comedy team! Just sayin'. BTW, concatulations to the farm cats on winning that awesome lounger!

  2. Fashion that smell nice AND eaten when hungry. We think Ricky might be on to something!

  3. He is very handsome. Love his face even while wearing his hay. He is just making it convenient to eat. Have a great day.

  4. Ha! We think that hay looks pretty good on Ricky!

  5. that made me laugh - the first 'playgirl' spread was too funny!

  6. And no, Ricky, that hay does NOT make you look fat!

  7. They're eating and they're being still so it's okay if they wear hay! They're always cute!

  8. Hay, he's modeling the straw hat before it's even been made. MOL! Does that taste better than the gut rot I get to eat?

  9. he looks like one of those kids with a bowl of spaghetti on their head.

  10. THey are very silly. I would certainly be eating all that yummy hay instead of wearing it.

  11. Wearable fashion? It works for me--bring on the Tuna Tiara!

  12. Those little goaties sure are cute...but they are growing up waayyyy too fast!

    Do they eat hay all year round? I thought hay was "winter" food. I don't know a thing about farm animals.

  13. Maybe he's just keeping some handy for when he needs a snack.


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