Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hey Male Person - I Think We Might Have a Problem Here!

Look at my face....

Do I not look a bit concerned?
Can you see that I am bit upset?
Well I am!
It's true!
I would not lie.

I need to maaaaa at the male person.
Why you ask?

Look at the state of the hay pile!
It's getting low.
He had better do something about it.

I know we have lots of tasty green grass and yummy weeds to eat this time of year.
More than a goat could want.

I run from here to there to partake of all of the bounty.
I am a lucky goat.
We are ALL lucky goats.

But we also need hay!
We have hay in the barn at night.
And it tastes so yummy.
So I have put the male person on notice.

And I am keeping watch for the hay truck.
I wonder if it will come soon?
What do you think?
Do you think the male person will let me starve?


  1. I can't believe your hay supplies have gotten so low! No wonder you are worried.

  2. Oh Pricilla, that is really scary but we bet the Male person is off getting the hay right now. You do look comfy sitting there. Go get some of the green looking hay. Take care.

  3. Oh, we're pretty sure your Publicist and Male Person won't let you starve. Our guinea piggie brofurs are squeeking at all that fresh grass!

  4. i bet they're working on that for you!

  5. we are sure you won't starve... but you may want to work on the goat stare of death just to motivate the male person :)

  6. We sure hope he replenishes your hay supply soon! It takes a lot of hay to feed growing bucks!

  7. Whoa! You need your hay if they expect you to produce ilk for soap. Hmmm, my Fancy Feast cabinet is getting low too.

  8. No, I do not think he would let you starve because the Publicist would hurt him bad for that.

  9. I know it looks scary but I know the male person would not let you starve. The publicist would get after him long before that happened.

  10. I think your male person is trustworthy, even if slow.


Maaaaaa away....


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