Monday, June 3, 2013

Goodbye Rory, Fare Well!

Saturday we maaaed goodbye to Rory the goat.
Abby will tell you more about how she felt about that tomorrow on AbbyDay.
The publicist and I know that he is going to a very good home.

His new human is very excited about him.
She really wanted a black and white goat.
Heaven knows this is the place to find them!

Rory was such a good little kid.
He didn't even maaaa too much about leaving the Farm.
He made it easy for the publicist.

He went right into the carrier and actually started munching on some hay!
He was pretty mellow about the whole thing.

We all watched him leave and then went back to basking in the sun.

Ricky and Rudy wanted some extra luvins but that's OK.
The publicist is all for that!

We will miss little Rory but he is off to a wonderful life on a fantastic Farm!


  1. My human is so envious that somebody with a farm got to have one of the kids! I keep telling her NO GOATS HERE, but she only half-listens.

  2. Sad to see him go but so happy for his new person! She's getting a very special little guy!

  3. so happy that rory will have a nice new home!

  4. *sniff* Oh, I hate it when they leave!!!

  5. He really was such a good boy. I sure wish we could take a couple of those boys but we are just too far away. The donkeys would love to have some goats to chase them around again. Have a great day.

  6. Those kids do grow up and leave the farm so quickly! I'm glad he's found a good home. (You might want to be extra nice to your publicist though.)

  7. i hope he got settled in okay!

  8. It's so sad when they leave but at least he went to a good farm! We bet he's enjoying being the only kid so he can have all the attention!

  9. Buh Bye Rory!!!! We know you are off to a great life. :) And yeah - you all had a RUN on black & white kids this spring.

  10. Awww, farewell Rory! Have a fabulous life at your new home!!

  11. Good bye, Rory! And have a good life at your new home!

  12. Goodbye Rory. Have a nice life in your new home. And he went off to seek his fortune

  13. You Do specialize in black and white goats. Sounds like Rory has it made!


Maaaaaa away....


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