Friday, June 21, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Deck Inspections Continue

You will recall that Sherpa the Farm cat is quite the InspectorCat. He has been checking up on the contractor building the new deck on the yurt. Well it appears he has hired an assistantcat.

Who you ask?
Why Pumpkin the Farm cat!
The publicist found this quite amusing as Pumpkin barely stirs himself for anything.
Not even treats!
But there he was....

...out with Sherpa checking out the new deck.

Sherpa was most assuredly in charge of this inspection.
He seemed to be giving Pumpkin orders!
Which Pumpkin studiously ignored.

He went his own way and checked out the edge.
Hmmm, what could be down there?
I have no clue. I just eat the grass around here.

But it must have been pretty interesting because Pumpkin JUMPED!
And had an asthma attack.
Poor Pumpkin.
He has them all the time.

Sherpa soon joined him and they went off to explore the Farm.
Those Farm cats are crazy!


  1. Wow, a rare sighting of the rare Pumpkin! I can only imagine what kind of asthma attacks he must have living on a farm - I hope it was over quickly!

  2. Poor Pumpkin. Glad he recovered from the asthma attack and went on to explore the farm. Is he considered a rare tortie boy?

  3. That really is unusual to have a male tortie. Sorry he has the asthma. They like that new deck. Can't wait for those goats to find that deck. That might be a little high for them. Take care.

  4. a cat with allergies? what is he allergic to? people?

  5. such beautiful fuzzy beasties!!!

  6. yeah - a Pumpkin appearance. :) we bet the deck gets done in no time and VERY accurately with inspectors like that.

  7. We enjoyed seeing Pumpkin today! We're glad Sherpa let him come on the inspection! Poor guy having to deal with asthma attacks!

  8. aha! We KNEW there were more cats lurking on the farm.

  9. Those cats sure have their adventures. Sorry about pumpkins allergies.

  10. Glad that Inspector Sherpa has lured the elusive Pumpkin out to look at the new deck. Perhaps Pumpkin is certified to document that the deck meets code. The cats may be thinking what a great place the deck will be for spotting mousie movement down below.
    I had a cat with asthma too. The vet actually thought it would tolerateh me putting a human inhaler into the cats mouth to give it breathing treatments. HAHAAHA. That lasted about half a second at home. Cosmo went on Prednislone pills, the asthma was controlled and we were both relieved the vet had come to his senses. Just Because a cat will let a stranger at the vets' office do something to them does not mean they will let humans at home try the same thing. Vet's don't seem to get that.

  11. Good inspectors! Poor Pumpkin - hope he can get his allergies under control.

  12. Poor Pumpkin. Maybe he'll at least enjoy lying on the deck.

  13. Pumpkin has the advantage of good looks, but not good lungs- poor kitty.


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