Friday, June 7, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - The Cherry Box; Who Wears it Better?

The publicist got some cherries.
The cherries came in a box.
We all know cats LOVE boxes.....

Sherpa was first in the new box.
The publicist keeps several different boxes around the house for him because he is a spoiled cat so he can hop in one whenever he likes.

But then Harry decided to try out the box.

Harry is not as much of a box cat as Sherpa so the publicist was surprised to see him in the cherry box.
As you can see - so was Sherpa!

Silly Farm cats!
That box looks tasty to me.


  1. Sherpa made the box look soooooo comfy, Harry JUST HAD to try it for himself!

  2. Bet you would like to nibble on that box Pricilla. Those silly cats. Harry that was a good choice of boxes. Hope all of you have a great day.

  3. Looks to be more Sherpa's size than Harry's.

  4. sherpa is none too pleased! :)

  5. I am surprised that Harry did not get his ears bopped when he climbed into the box. There is a lot of ear bopping that goes on around here.

  6. We're surprised the publicist didn't get two cherry boxes so they could each have one! Sherpa looks a lot bigger than Harry in that box. You eat boxes too Pricilla? Who knew goats were such good recyclers!

  7. you have the most entertaining cats!

  8. Sherpa certainly "fills up" the box better than Harry but they both look comfy in there! :)

  9. It is funny how much cats love boxes. Ruby and Reba have a lot of fun with them too! Sherpa and Harry look like they are having a good time!


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