Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AbbyDay - I Review the Standlee Hay

 I was given this free Standlee Hay to give you my honest opinion! Me! AbbyGoat! Well, the other goats got to eat some too - but I'm the best at maaaing the results!

The publicist and the male person came home and the back of the trailer was filled with the most amazing thing for a goat -

We love hay!
Especially rich alfalfa grass.
Mmmmmm, hay.
But these look different than our normal hay.
These are super compact bales! They are put in a special machine that squished them really, really hard and compressed them. Each one weighs 50 pounds!

That is a lot of hay for ME!

The male person offered up a taste of this yummy hay when we were heading up to the barn.
Since I am not afraid of him, me and my kids were able to taste the delicious hay.
I did not want to stop eating it!
I am ashamed to admit I did not want to share - wait a minute! I am AbbyGoat - why should I share?

Yes I eat out of an old laundry basket. Do you have a problem with that?
When I went out to my pen the next morning, guess what I saw in the feeder?
Delicious afalfa hay and timothy hay  from Standlee Hay Company waiting for me!

I was one excited goat.
Too excited the publicist said.
She said this is very rich hay and I cannot eat too much of it at once since it is a change in my diet.
But it is so delicious.

I can hardly keep my head out of my feeder!
(Can I get addicted to hay?)

There is this awful rumor going around that she had to DRAG ME from the hay pile as I was gobbling up the tasty hay. Do not believe it!

 If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

Despite what is mentioned in that movie I DO NOT GRUNT LIKE A PIG!
I am a ladylike goat.

Now I am sure that all of you goats out there - and my horse, sheep and llama friends too - would like to know how you can find this yummalicious hay and alfalfa pellets! Well, I will maaaaa you. 'Cause I am a nice goat.  You can go to Standlee Hay Company and there is a "find a retailer." That is how the publicist found it for me. She just put in our zip code and it provided several near us.

You can also find Standlee Hay Company on Facebook and on Twitter

OK! The publicist will be telling you more about the yummy hay tomorrow on her blog when the other goats on the Farm give their totally unimportant opinions. Since I love the hay that is really all that matters, right?

Disclosure:  The publicist received a gift card from Standlee Hay with which to buy me the delicious hay. I grunted maaaaed my approval of the hay and she typed up her interpretations of my grunts maaas. Neither one of us received any other compensation for this post. I did butt the publicist for saying I grunted like a pig. She deserved it.


  1. I knew that that "grunting like a pig" remark would not go unpunished!

  2. *a grunting pig*!? How RUDE! We're glad you gave your publicist a butt for saying that.
    Mommy LOVES the smell of fresh hay. Especially alfalfa. But we aren't allowed alfalfa now because we are all grown up. Apparently it will make us fat. Hrrummpfff. So we get timothy hay.

    ...Curly and Pok (the seldom heard from guinea pigs)

  3. Oh the donkeys would go nuts over hay like that. But they would be allowed to eat a tiny little bit of it since they put on weight so easily. We will check and see if there are any places around us. The person thinks she has heard of it. It sure looks good.
    Take care.

  4. that looks and sounds like delicious hay! like cake and ice cream!

  5. that hay looks so good i could eat some!

  6. That really is some LOVELY hay and I like that the bales only weigh 50 pounds! Even I could pick them up. :)

  7. A grunting pig? What? You didn't even take any time from eating to grunt!

  8. I love your writing and pictures! Sorry to say I hardly ever comment as I usually read you posts in my Yahoo email account. Yahoo has changed settings recently and it is almost impossible to read emails, especially those with beautiful pictures like yours, so I went to your site.

    Didn't hay bales used to be 90 pounds back in the 50s & 60s? I wonder if they were downsized due to OSHA like bags of cement?

    Thanks for the entertainment!!!

  9. AbbyGoat, I am sorry to inform you that through my headphones I think I did hear something that sounded like a grunt. Now far be it from me to say the grunt sounded "pig-like". I bet that hay smells wonderful!!

  10. I would butt her for that comment too! Imagine the indignity!

  11. Who knew there were hay companies? Sounds like comfort food


Maaaaaa away....


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