Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AbbyDay - I RANT!!!

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. I'm Abby - I deserve the BEST.

Guess what?

The publicist left us.
Left ME.

In the care of the male person!
Not that I don't tolerate like the male person but he is no publicist.


She made claims of being tired. Of being in need of a break.
I'll give her a broken knee cap break!
Why would she need a vacation from us ME?

I am the most wonderful goat in the world?
PFFFFFFT to the publicist!
PFFFFFFT to the male person!

She is back now and OK, maybe she is a bit happier.
Maybe she is more relaxed.
And let me tell you it is SOOOOOOO much better having her milk me but SHE HAD BETTER NOT LEAVE US AGAIN.

or else!

Now I do not want YOU to suffer because I am mad at the publicist so I am giving you a movie starring my kids.

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE.

Silly Stinky!
She should not come into the goat pen when their are goats!

Since the publicist was away Pricilla did not tell you about Sparkle's birthday yesterday so I am telling you today. That is also the publicist's fault. Right now I am blaming EVERYTHING on the publicist. Pfffft!

While I do not think that stupid cats will rule the world I do believe in celebrating so go and visit Sparkle's blog and give her some Happy Birthday wishes. You can also enter her giveaways! She has one for US visitors and one for international visitors.

Things should get back to normal around here now.
The publicist was visiting her family - I SUPPOSE she is allowed to do that.


  1. Thanks for spreading the word about Cat World Domination Day (and my birthday), Abby! At least you are on the ball, even if the publicist was AWOL!

  2. Stinky sure got out of there quick! MOL.
    We're glad your Publicist is home. Mommy moans about needing time away but the thought of leaving Daddy in charge of us gave her nightmares...

  3. welcome back publicist! i hope you had a wonderful trip. you deserved it!

  4. You all stop picking on the Publicist. She takes very good care of all of you and makes sure there is food there for ya. You look just fine to us Abby. Take care.

  5. now, don't be so hard on the publicist! glad she got away for a bit of rest! no maaaaing. no roosters.

  6. Oh oh! Looks like Abby Goat is giving someone the stink eye.

  7. Now Abby....it isn't that bad. :) At least she came back...

  8. I was almost afraid to visit today, Abby, because the post title said you were going to rant. I think that is what you do most of the time, so I was scared this was going to be ballistic!
    Rudy and Ricky have sure grown!
    Welcome home to the publicist.

  9. We're pretty sure the male person was just as glad the publicist came back as you are Abby! At least he didn't run away while she was gone and leave you un-milked!

    Stinky was brave to get in there with those hoppy kids!

  10. Whoa! Abbygoat, you run as tight a ship as I do. I like your style, for a goat, that is. Oh, and cats are NOT stupid.

  11. Well, yes, it *is* nice for the publicist to see her family, BUT! if her family had come to HER, then she would've still been there to attend to you. That would have been much better!

    Me, I can't my Human to do ANYTHING lately. She hasn't hardly even helped me visit of nuffing. Sigh.

  12. I would think even the male person would be better than kids with teeth!


Maaaaaa away....


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