Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AbbyDay - I am AbbyGoat, Watch me Withstand the Assault

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. and now I show you that I am the best nanny in the world!

I was out for a graze - we all were actually and I knew.
I knew because I am such a good nanny.
My kids were hungry for some of my rich milk.

I stood.
They came.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Did you see how they almost knocked my leg out from under me?
But I stood strong because I'm ABBYGOAT!

Did you see their cute little tails wagging?
That's because my milk is the BEST!

If you raise the volume you can here them really enjoying their meal. There are no loud roosters in this movie. Only a quiet one in the background.

My boys are going to grow big and strong on my rich milk.
It's AbbyMilk!


  1. Wow, those kids are getting BIG! But of course, I guess you can take all the credit for that, Abby.

  2. Look at those little tails go! So cute!

  3. Abby, you are a good Mom. It is time for those little kids to be weaned. I think they have been actually. The kids are cute wagging those tails. Take care.

  4. that just does not look comfortable!

  5. you are such a good mom Abby - but we have to agree it may be time to cut off the kids :)

  6. You are a very strong and patient nanny Abby! Sure those boys are cute with their little wagging tails but that doesn't look fun for you at all!

  7. Shouldn't they be finished nursing? They did look adorable, if a little rough. Your milk must be the best. Is it chocolate or strawberry maybe. MOL!

  8. Wow, they're determined little suckers, heh heh. They really LOVE that milky--those tailios was going triple-fast!

    And speaking of milk, the Human said the Birthday Girl who got the wonderful soaps just LOVED them and she LOVED seeing the picture of Pricilla too ;-)

  9. LOL @ Spitty's comment!

    We for one are pleased that those dang roosters kept their yaps shut! We wanted to hear the kids.

  10. Those boys are getting pretty big thanks to you.


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