Saturday, May 18, 2013

Now I'm a BabySitter Goat?!

I cannot believe what the publicist has me doing.
I just cannot!

She is working towards weaning the triplets.
So she has put them in a pen by themselves.


Can you believe such a thing?
I am not a babysittergoat!
I am an OLD, retired goat.

I deserve to have my quiet time to bask in the sun.
Instead I get this

THIS is not peace and quiet!

They JUMP on top of my goat house!

They LOUNGE on top of my goat house!

They DANCE on top of MY goat house!
What is an old goat to do?

They even dance in FRONT of my goat house!
The only time there is any peace at all is the 4.5 seconds that this occurs:

and then it all starts over again.
You might wonder where Rory the goat is in all of this. He is a good goat. He does not bother me.

I think it is only because he has not figured out hot to jump on my goat house!
I don't know about those other two.
They are going to be the death of me.


  1. The exuberance of childhood is fully expressed in baby goats. Too funny.

  2. Oh no Priscilla, that is horrible news but they just love their granny. I bet you can teach them some lessons, those bad boys. We hope this baby sitting doesn't last too long for you.

  3. I feel for you, Pricilla! That is just ridiculous.

    P.S. Good luck tonight!

  4. i hope your hourly rate is very expensive!

  5. oh, you need some big-time patience, for sure!

  6. Poor Priscilla. But you know what? This happens to human grandmas too! MOL.

  7. That's just unbelievable! You are the famous spokesgoat of the Happy Goats Farm and you have to put up with little hooves beating on the top of your house? You better get extra strawberries for putting up with that!

  8. I think you need to file a complaint with the SPCA, Goatie Division. They will send Sheriff-Goaties out there to take care of 1) those three whippersnappers, and 2) that irresponsible Publicist.

    Thank you are the nice messages last week--I feel MUCH better now (Course I don't have three baby goats terrorizing me....)

  9. Obviously, somebody needs to pay!

    "Somebody" being the Publicist.

  10. Sorry, Pricilla! You deserve to relax and have some peace and quiet!

  11. I'm glad you have a house to escape to but I'll bet it IS really loud in there with those silly kids hopping around on top!

  12. Gosh, I hope they are not STILL bothering you!!! XOXOXOXO You want me to come over and wrassle 'em off your little house there???

  13. That does look like a lot of bouncing to deal with. At least it won't be for long.


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