Monday, May 20, 2013

Kiddie Jungle Gym

The kids have discovered the big tree in the back yard.
Oh boy did they have some fun!

They jumped on top of it.

They ran from one end.... the other end.

The leaped from one piece.... another piece.

They jumped up!

They jumped down!

They were KIDS!

ps:  I will have a movie of their fun on Thursday!


  1. Wow, you got ALL of them in one photo!

    Is the publicist REALLY coming to BlogPaws 2014? Really-truly? That is some of the most awesome news I have heard!

  2. i can't wait to see the video! those kids sure know how to play!

  3. Gosh, they have such a good time. Great pictures. Hope all have a good week.

  4. Oh, they are sooo silly! But how nice that they can romp around in such a lovely landscape. Them is some lucky goats!

  5. That does look like a whole lot of kid fun!

  6. Is that Thelma joining in the fun, in that last picture? All that energy is hard to resist!

  7. There's no way to not smile with all those kids around!

  8. Thank heavens Pricilla was finally relieved of her Granny goat-sitting responsibilities. I'm happy to see that the goatlets found something to leap & dance on besides their Grannygoats house. I hope Pricilla is having a restful day to recover from having all those kids at her place.
    Those fallen trees make the Worlds' best jungle gym for goatlets to leap & frolic on.
    love the new header with the Spokesgoat looking ever so lovely with her tyedyed scarf. I'm sure goat-ladies everywhere will be ordering one just to imitate Pricilla's stylin' good look.

  9. Oh what FUN!!! We'd like to play on the jungle-gym, too! Can't wait for the movie...

    pee ess: LOVE the new header!

  10. I miss goatie kids ...what fun!

  11. They are adorables but I am furry glad they are off Pricilla's quiet little goatie house!

    Did any kids land in the water??? Can goaties swim???

  12. great stuff! They look so happy.


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