Friday, May 31, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Harry and Sherpa Taste Test Natural Balance Perfect Bites Treats #ad

The Farm cats received treat samples for free from for their honest review

You will recall that Harry the Farm cat with Sherpa the Farm cat's help went huntin' wabbit. The publicist was not happy with this but sometimes these things happen. Harry the Farm cat is quite the gopher hunter and he does help keep the mice down in the barn but the publicist really doesn't like when either one of her two hunter cats brings home a bunny.

That is why when the very nice man from wrote to her and offered her some treats for the Farm cats to taste test she chose the Natural Balance Perfect Bites Treats in RABBIT!  She thought that if she had Rabbit flavored treats in the house maybe, just maybe the Farm cats would leave the bunnies alone.

Harry was very intrigued his new treats.
Harry is always intrigued with treats if truth be maaaed.

Sherpa thought they smelled pretty good too.
Now Stinky and Pumpkin the Farm cats were also offered the opportunity to taste test the Rabbit flavored treats but sadly, they ran away. The publicist feels they would prefer the Salmon or Chicken treats. Stinky is a most fussy Farm cat!

Harry decided he would make an EXCELLENT SpokesCat for Natural Balance and decided to pose for them. What do you think? Should he send in his resume? He wants you to know:

In addition to delicious dry and canned pet foods, Natural Balance offers a full range of healthy treats! Whether your dog prefers a soft snack like Tillman's Chicken and Veggie Training Tips, or the oven-baked crunch of Turkey, Oats & Cranberry Healthy Bones, we've got you covered. is happy to offer the full line of Natural Balance food and treats for both dogs and cats, delivered directly to your doorstep. 

Isn't he a wise kitty?
He also wants you to know that you can get free shipping from on your orders of $49 or more and you get 15% off when you set up your first Autoship with the company.

But back to treat eating.
Mmmm, treats.
Does sell goat treats?
They should!

You can watch this movie to see how much Harry and Sherpa enjoyed their rabbit treats.

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

Don't anyone worry!
The publicist still has all of her fingers!
She was also happy that she did not have to deal with a dead rabbit.

You can see that both Harry and Sherpa give the Natural Balance Perfect Bites Rabbit Flavored Treats 4 paws up. They are most definitely Happy Cats!

Disclosure:  The Farm cats received free treats from for their honest review. The publicist received the joy of giving the Farm cats free treats. I got nothin'.


  1. good treat testers. teddy would prefer the whole rabbit.

  2. floating hand. ha ha!

    2nd video in a row with zero roosters... *sigh*

  3. poor Priscilla :)

    That Harry is one handsome guy.... mom says she isn't sure she has seen a close up of him like that before....

  4. Harry would be the purrfect spokeskitty for rabbit treats since he knows what the real thing tastes like! Plus he's super handsome! We didn't know Natural Balance made treats so we'll have to check them out. NB foods is the only foods we like of the elebenty squillion that our mommy has made us try.

  5. Those treats must be really yummy judging by Harry and Sherpa's reaction! We aren't sure we'll like rabbit considering how our angel bunny furblings used to snort and lunge at us...
    You may not have had any treats from Mr Chewy, but you do have lots and lots of strawberries being grown right now, Priscilla! Doesn't that sound yummy?

  6. I just love Harry's SpokesCat pose! What a handsome boy he is! Judging by the way the kitties grab at the floating hand, the treats must be very, very good! :)

  7. Whoa! I gotta get in on this Mr. Chewy free grub bandwagon. TW brought home some Natural Balance samples from Blogpaws and some were wabbit. They're next up for me to try. Glad your guys liked these.

    BTW, the roll of Gut Rot was played by Soulistic grain-free human grade chicken in pumpkin soup, which I sometimes love.

  8. So I just have to say that it's really ironic that the "pet of the day" for adoption at the bottom of the blog was Zelda the Bunny, at least when I was looking. Hmmm. Not sure that Zelda approves of the treats! I'm sure that my cat Izzy would be delighted, though.

  9. Harry says, "Hey, Hand!! Why are you giving all MY treats to that orange floof ball???"

  10. Those treats certainly overcame the idea of cats being fussy.


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