Thursday, May 9, 2013

After the Fall

You will remember that yesterday Louise knocked a bale of hay off of the hay pile.
What happened AFTER the hay bale fell?
I'm sure you would like to know - right?

Well! That hay bale landed with a THUMP.
Hay went everywhere!
The kids checked it out.

Louise ran down to see what she had wrought.

The boys looked down to see where Louise was going.
I don't think she was overly concerned with the mess she made.

The kids then ran down to check it out. They weren't concerned either.
They just thought it was playtime.
They ALWAYS think it is playtime.

Silly kids!

The publicist shoo-ed them all away and cleaned up the mess.
You do not want to know what she had to say.


  1. Wow, you goats are almost as GOOD as we kitties!

  2. It's just mischief, mischief, mischief over there!

  3. you kids have waaaay too much fun!

  4. I am sure there were lots of norty words said at that moment. But the kids had great fun and looks like Louise was just fine. She really has become a pretty goat.

  5. We bet she said that she just loves kids especially 5 of them at once!

  6. hate it when the bale breaks!

  7. Well nobody was hurt! I don't get those humans and their acting like a broken bale of hay is any more than a snack. Really.

  8. at least no kids were flattened :)

  9. Well, honestly--isn't it the Human's JOB to clean up the mess?? Who does she think should do it--you???? Ha ha ha -- that's hilarious!

  10. Oh, and P.S. Yes, as a matter of fact, I *am* the wackiest cat on the block, ha ha ha!


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