Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AbbyDay - It Was a Day for Ruminating.

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week. Why?

Yesterday was a day for me to do some ruminating.
The publicist came and told me something.

Do I look a bit sad?
It's that time.
She told me little Rory had a new home.
He was going to a nice big Farm and he would be leaving on June 1st.

I needed some time to ruminate about this.
I knew that my kids can't all stay on the Farm.
But it is always hard when I have to maaaaa goodbye.

He will be on a Farm with a horse and another little kid goat - a boer so he will have company.
It is a Farm of people the publicist and male person have know since they moved here so he is going somewhere special.

I will spend this week sharing my wisdom with him and making him ready for his new home.
I know they will love him, he is a very friendly, happy goat.

I AM happy for him but I will of course miss him. What kind of nanny would I be if I didn't.
But I won't let him see me upset.
He will see me all smiles as he goes to his new life.

I will make sure he knows it's a GOOD thing.
I will smile.
I am AbbyGoat!


  1. It sounds like Rory is going to a really good home, Abby. I know you will miss him, but at least he will be somewhere good.

  2. It does sound like little Rory does have a good home. We are excited about that. Abby, we do think you are such a pretty goat. Guess we shouldn't tell you that, it will just make your head swell a little more. Hope all have a great day.

  3. We're very sure your Publicist would make sure your kids go to the very best homes. Rory's new family does sound like a great place and we want to wish him the very best!
    We love how your coat shines in the sun!

  4. That is always hard, but it is the way things work. Kids grow up and move away.

  5. we are glad that he will be going somewhere the publicist can keep tabs on him....we know you will miss him (mostly anyhow)

  6. I know you will miss him Abby! I'm glad he's going to such a nice home! :)

  7. Kids grow up, Abby--at least you'll be able to get news every now and then.

  8. It's sad when the kids leave but it sounds like Rory is going to a great home.

  9. Whoa! Is it time to ship the kids off to college already. MOL! I know you'll miss him but you don't want the farm to get too crowded do you?

  10. Oh, but that is a good thing! Take it from me....we raise them to set them out into the world...even if it makes us sad. I'm just glad he has a good home to go to!

  11. Aw, Abby! I bet the Publicist will give you lots of extra treats and attention so you won't be too sad. It's a good deal that your Kid has a good home to go to where he'll be furry happy! And hey--maybe you'll have a girl next time and she'll stick around!?!?

  12. Awwww....Abbey, you are a VERY special goat. You love your kids SO much.

  13. Oh, Abby. I'm sorry you have to let go of Rory so soon. Maybe you will get to visit him at his new home? I hope so.

  14. He's such a cutie. I'm glad he will have a nice home.


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