Tuesday, May 21, 2013

AbbyDay - Despite What AnyGoat Thinks, I Love My Nanny

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. And this is going to be the best blog post you read all day because it is from me, AbbyGoat - the best goat on Earth!


I knew you would agree. You are smart. You are reading my blog!

I don't know where this horrible rumor started.
The rumor that I did not love my nanny.
Of COURSE I love my nanny.
Where would I be without her?

You all saw me give her a kiss on Nanny's Day.
But what you didn't see was all the rest of the affection I gave her that day.
I was actually a very nice kid all day long!

I gave her some nice head butts.

But I don't think she appreciated them...

...is this the look of a loving nanny?
Inquiring goats want to know!

After hugs and kisses I took her over to the Christmas tree-t for a snack and a scratch
THAT she liked.
I was glad I could do something to make her happy.

Especially since I knew she would be kidsitting.

I really like my alone time.


  1. Awwww. You're still your Nanny's little kid!

  2. Your kids are a real handful right now - I don't imagine that Pricilla will thank you for the goatsitting duty!

  3. Oh that was nice Abby to give the Mom a big smooch. You had better be nice to Pricilla. Hope all of you have a great day. Oh, Love your new header.

  4. oh, that zing at the end... all abby...

  5. You sure were buttering up your nanny for the kidsitting duty weren't you Abby! It was pretty sweet even if you had ulterior motives!

    We love your new header Pricilla!

  6. I'M BAAAAACK! Not much left of the Christms tree-t is there. I've read the rest now let me read the best. HAH!

  7. I'd like to think that you were nice to your nanny for no other reason than just to be nice.

  8. You are a good girl, Abby goatie. I think your nanny's just a little cranky from all the little hoofbeats on her roof!

  9. Just remember, you're NEVER too old to need your nanny. :-)

  10. Aaaw they get along so well. That's a very loved nanny.

  11. Always good when families get along.


Maaaaaa away....


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