Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We Need Help Naming all of the Kids!

As you all know there are a LOT of new kids on the Farm.
The publicist is going crazy trying to figure out what to name them so she has decided to have a contest!

There will be a very exciting prize! We have a friend named Leah who paints goats.
She has painted ME!
It's true!
I would not lie about something like that.
You can see her beautiful work on her facebook page Goat Rodeo Fine Art.

This is a series she did of paintings of goats. Who do you see in there?
I told you!

She has also painted my studmuffin.
One lucky winner of the name the kids contest will win two notecards just like the ones you see with Luke; one has Luke on it and one has ME on it. They come with envelopes. If you want more you can order them directly from Leah! She will make them with any of the goats she has painted!

The other prize will be three of my rich soaps!

The publicist will pick the names she likes; the person who gives her the names for the triplets will win the soaps, for the twins the notecards!

Here are photos to remind you what they look like; first up Abby's triplets:

And here are Thelma's twins...

I have very cute great grandkids, don't I?

It's easy to enter and the contest will run for a week and then the publicist will announce the kids' new names.  Just enter on the Rafflecopter. If you have any problems with it just let me know and I'll give it a butt.

** If more than one person enters the same names I will put the names in a hat and pick a winner so EVERYONE should enter!!!!!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My human entered... and I take no responsibility for her choices!

  2. That's quite a few names to come up with! We are going to put on our "name thinking hats" and come back later. :)

  3. WE have to think about all those names too. We sure want to come up with some good ones. Take care.

  4. What a great idea. I can't get anygoat here to name their kids either. It's driving me crazy with all the nameless kids bouncing around.

  5. the painting of luke is wonderful!

  6. they're all so dang cute. love the goat paintings, too! very talented woman!

  7. Oh my goodness, it's just bursting with cuteness on the farm right now!

  8. cute paintings and cards

    triplets: Larry Mo & Curly

    twins: Frick & Frack

    *sorry - sometimes the mom cracks herself up.....

  9. Someone else submitted my ideas. Now I have no chance to win :(.

  10. Well, we gots to think over the names thing, but I wanted to answer your question and the answer is: Honestly! You have to ASK? The Human, of course. Who else????

  11. We love the paintings of you and Luke! We'll think of some names and enter too!

  12. They're sooooo cute! TW love love loves the mostly white one. We're gonna have to think about this.

  13. Oh, I'm bad at names. But I will try to come up with some.

    LOVE the notecards--that Luke is sure handsome!

  14. Triplets Huey, Dewey and Louie & since we're on a cartoon theme Chip and Dale for the twins


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