Monday, April 8, 2013


As you all know, the male person put up some new fence so that there are TWO doe pens now; one for the nannies with kids and one for the rest of us.
When he first put up the new fence a certain cowgoat Louise the goat - I'm not maaaaing any names! - kept getting her head stuck in the new fence. In fact, one day Louise she managed to almost weave her whole body in the new fence! The male person and publicist had to CUT HER OUT!

To solve this problem the male person ran chicken wire around the new fence. You do not want to know what he said as he was putting up ANOTHER set of fence. It was probably a good thing because of the kids - they would fit through the holes anyway.  He didn't have enough to go all the way around but the publicist didn't think it would be a problem. She didn't think the kids would find the small portion without the chicken wire.

What is wrong with this picture?
The male person is laughing at the publicist.

This is Abby's first born.
The teeniest, tiniest kid on the Farm.
He is also the most troublesome adventurous.

Of COURSE he found his way out of the kid pen!
He has been escaping almost since his first day down there.
Since the publicist has blocked his way out through the gate he has found other options.
I think Thelma's kid is impressed.

I think he is coming to visit with ME!
I am his great grandnanny after all.
Certainly not to visit the chickens!

The publicist came in to encourage him back to HIS pen.
Would he figure it out?

Of COURSE he would!
He is one smart kid.
Even if he is small enough to fit through a 4x6" hole.

Silly kid!
But very cute.....


  1. That guy is REALLY little! I'm sure he will grow too big to fit through that fence. Eventually.

  2. Oh my goodness, he is TEENY! And oh, such a cutie!

  3. Oh my, he is going to be hard to contain. At least he knows to get back in. Looks like he already has his mind on women. Too funny. The Person had a good laugh about that little guy.

  4. It's always those little ones!

  5. my gosh, you have to admire his chutzpah! such a tiny one and so brave!

  6. You have to watch out for the little mischievous ones!

  7. bwaaahahahaha....that kid is gonna keep everyone jumpin' :) He sure is a cutie

  8. It's a good thing the Publicist wasn't making a movie when the Male Person was "fixing" the fence! LOL!!
    My full-size Alpine kids fit through the holes on a cattle panel so we have chicken wire all around the bottom of the kid pen too.

  9. there are pluses for being so tiny!

  10. He sure is a little guy to fit thru there! Did the male person have to go get more chicken wire for the rest of the fence?

  11. Hahahaha! What a naughty boy!

    I'm sure he is a pain to keep contained though--not so funny, eh?

  12. Maybe he learned from the cats. We fit through almost anything.

  13. Oh my. The Human never thought there could be anything as adorable as a kitty. But now she is beginning to think that was too rigid a position....


Maaaaaa away....


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