Monday, April 29, 2013

The Snow is Gone, The Sun is Here

All of that snow is gone.
I am very happy about that.
As I keep maaaaing, I am an African goat and I like it WARM.

The sun came out and I tried a new basking spot.

 What do you think?
If it weren't for the stupid chickens it would be perfect.

When they bothered me too much I just moved to another spot.
One thing about basking - you just need the sun.
Aaaaah, it felt so nice on my furs.

A little goat yoga to relax.
OK - so I don't do the fancy poses any longer.
I am an old goat.
As long as I still exercise a little I am still doing well.

Now to nap quietly in the sun.
Life is good.
Especially since those rambunctious kids are in a separate pen with their nannies! 

I hope you all get to bask and and nap in the sun today too!


  1. Pricilla, if you REALLY hate those chickens, I will be more than happy to take some of them off your hooves...

  2. Just butt those darn chickens out of your way, Pricilla!

  3. We just might have to teleport over to share your sun. It's been raining all day today!

  4. Oh Pricilla, we think that is a most wonderful place to bask in the sun and we are so glad to hear that you don't have to put up with all those kids. Take care.

  5. Can you nap with all that racket those chickens make? Criminy, they are a loud bunch, aren't they?

    That looks like a lovely spot, Pricilla. I'd love to join you in the warm sunshine today. :)

  6. hooray for you and all the other happy goats!

  7. We had a perfect weekend for basking! It looks like you have a great basking spot, and I think your yoga skills are still pretty good!

  8. Yes, I must admit basking in the sun sounds pretty fabulous.

  9. i am so happy to see you basking once again!

  10. We're glad you finally had sunpuddles to warm your furs in Pricilla!

  11. I would love to join you for a nice nap in the sun! :)

  12. I *did* get to bask in the sun today, Pricilla! It wasn't as quite good as your basking because I am indoors (living smack-dab in the middle of the city with no yard has it drawbacks), but it was still mighty fine and warm. You look awfully comfertabuls. Hope them chick-hens leave you alone!


Maaaaaa away....


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