Friday, April 12, 2013

The Kids Have Names!

Farm Cat Friday is postponed this week as the publicist is behind on things due to her baaaaad headache.  She has let me pick the names for the kids (finally).

So without further ado, please meet:




Thanks to Robin Larkspur!




Thanks to Sparkle's human!

I will have the publicist contact them later today to get their addresses so that she can mail them their prizes.

I thank everyone who entered to name the kids. There were a lot of them for our little Farm this year. The publicist was just plum out of imagination.....


  1. How awesome that the twins got the names my human picked out! She is usually really bad at names, but this time, it is kind of obvious. At least if you have a guitarist boyfriend who is a Keith fan.

  2. We like those names too. Our Person's brain has been dead for awhile now. That Keith is too cute with all his whiteness.
    Good job Sparkle and Robin for great names. Hope all have a good day.

  3. Those are very good names. I have to say, we still have 6 kids without names. What is going on with no-name kids this year?

  4. mick and keith to go along with bruce and clarence. too cute!

  5. Cute names! Congrats to Robin and Sparkle's human!

  6. Pricilla!! Wow you all liked my names! This is totally Farm Fabulous!! And a real pick-me-up as we have had a medical crisis in our family. Hugs to "my" three little guys!! And of course the Twins as well! And to you and the Publicist. But no hugs to the chickens!!!

  7. Great names! We wanna hear the Publicist yell 'em all out in a row...

    say, did she get our Mommy's email? just wonderin.

  8. Awww, Great names! Now I wanna hear you calling all those names out the door when they are naughty--that is the true test of a good name. (Or so they say)

  9. Woot! It's about time these little guys got names--you don't want a goatie identity crisis!

  10. They are SOOOOOO adorable!!!
    They all have just the cutest little faces!
    ...we love their names too.
    : )

  11. Keith is my favorite. Do you have to get his blood changed every year. MOL!


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