Thursday, April 18, 2013

Luke is One Happy Goat

These days my studmuffin is an easygoing goat.
He can't wait to leave the barn and get into his pen to eat his grain.
In fact most mornings he springs from his pen doing the Goat Dance of Joy!

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Is he not one of the happiest goats you have ever seen?
It makes the publicist happy to see him like this.
He is like a little puppy dog.

Everyone should take a little time to do the Goat Dance of Joy!
It is fun!


  1. Luke is definitely a Happy goat! And handsome too!

  2. That made Mommy laugh! What a super happy Luke!

  3. Oh Luke, you do look like such a happy goat. We love to see goats do that dance. I sure do miss our goats.Take care.

  4. that is the happiest i have ever seen luke. he sure is one happy boy!

  5. wow - that was a very impressive happy goat dance!!! (plus he almost ran over the rooster - haha)

  6. That made me bust out laughing! Too funny!

  7. That certainly did bring a smile to my face!

  8. My morning chuckle - I'd say Luke is definitely a happy goat - let's dance, and dance our way to the hay!

  9. Happy Luke always makes our mommy giggle when she sees his dance of joy!

  10. Oh! Is it working now??? HURRAY! I can comment again!

    I will do Luke's Dance of Joy with him ;-)

  11. He does certainly look like one very happy fellow!


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