Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keith REALLY Didn't Like the Snow

While the surprise snow we had is all gone I still have stories to tell about it. Today I am going to maaaa at you about little Keith. He was NOT a happy goat. Not at all.

None of us were happy to see the snow.
We adult goats have shed most of our winter underfur.
The little ones had never seen this snow stuff before.

Little Keith ran and jumped in the hay pile

I can't say as I blame him.
It is warm and dry in the hay pile.

The publicist told him to come down.
She said that every other goat was already at the goat pens.

It took some doing but he finally agreed.

He was not happy about it though.
He thought this snow stuff was COLD.

He did not want to touch it.

He ran across the barn pad but he then encountered a bigger problem.
"You expect me to run in all of that SNOW?" he maaaaed

"Yes," the publicist answered, "I do."

Oh noes!
Poor little Keith.

Grow a set buddy
Oh, that is right. He is a wether now.

He finally, cautiously, stepped down.

A little further Keith.

See, it's not so bad!
Uhm, is that the Goat Stare of Death?


  1. Keith I don't think I would have liked that snow any more than you did!

  2. it looks like little keith has a bit of chow chow in him!

  3. Oh Keith, you are one cute goat. Why do you have to live so far away. We would like you to live here. We don't get much snow. Glad that snow is all gone now. Take care.

  4. Oh, my poor little goat friend! I hope the snow goes away fast and the warm summer sun shines for a long, long time.

  5. I can't believe the publicist wouldn't pick him up and carry him. Really...

  6. My Human says she would TOTALLY have picked him up and snuggled him and carried him to where he needed to go, or maybe at least have gotten him 4 little snow boots! I mean, how would the Publicist have liked walking through that stuff BAREFOOT!!??

  7. "grow a set" - choked on her coffee :)

    he is a cutie....and we don't blame him a bit for not liking that cold stuff

  8. he is so cute. laughed at your 'grow a set' comment. :)

  9. Well well. We saw your Publicist carrying little Rudy. Why couldn't she carry you back to the barn? Hrrummpfff!
    We can't believe you're already a wether! When did that happen?

  10. You'd think that by being borned in the spring you wouldn't have to deal with snow already huh Keith? Sorry buddy but you're in Montana! You're super cute though!

  11. Yep, I think the Publicist should have carried the poor little thing! ;)

  12. Poor guy! I don't like the snow either - I think I would have had a similar reaction.

  13. Hmm, we're confusing ourselfs. We thought we were here last night but now we guess it was just this morning. Jeez, the Human gets nuttier and nuttier every day!


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