Monday, April 22, 2013

I am a SuperModelGoat

I am here today to maaaa at you about something very important.

Do you see my new bandanna?
Am I not a stylin' goat?
Does it not compliment my eyes?

I do wish the publicist had waited until my winter furs had all come out but she does not understand what a goat needs. I still look good, though. I am a FAMOUS SpokesGoat after all. I can rock any outfit!

Do you want to know where I got this beautiful bandanna?
Of course you do!
It is from the brand new shop from the daddy of all of the Katnip Lounge Kats!
The shop is called Tie Dyed Hippy Wear and the publicist bought a tie dyed T-shirt for the male person's birthday. She thought it would remind him of his misspent youth. 

He loved his shirt but said he could not remember his misspent youth!
Bwamaaaaahahahaha. That male person is a card!

The nice kat daddy at Tie Dyed Hippy Wear sent along this bandanna with my male person's t shirt and I have claimed it because I have important work to do. Besides being an excellent SuperModelGoat - note my "over the shoulder" gaze here - I am going to assist the male person when he builds the fence for the new berry garden.

He does not know this yet.
But I am sure he will welcome my help.
Especially since I am now dressed appropriately for the occasion!

"Oh, male person - I am ready to work when you are!"
Just let me know when to come help you!
I will be a BIG help!

Do you think he will let me taste test help plant those berries?

If you are looking for a very fun present for your humans or a great bandanna for your goats or dogs be sure to go and check out Tie Dyed Hippy Wear. The publicist says the t-shirt is nice and soft and it washed great! She also says the male person looks most handsome in it. Ewwwww - I don't need to know THAT!

I know I am quite the new and modern goat in my bandanna....

Happy Earth Day everyone. I am, of course a very Earth friendly goat. I eat, I poop and my poop goes into fertilizer for the garden which I eat, then I poop - and that is recycling at its most basic. 

I did not get anything special for writing this. The publicist bought a present for the male person and I just knew that if I wore this great bandanna it would make me look "work ready" to help the male person around the Farm.


  1. I just saw the Katnip Lounge dude's Etsy store a little while ago and I agree - the t-shirts and other things are awesome! At least if you are a human or a goat. I prefer to go naked, tie-dyed or not!

  2. We thought that bandanna looked familiar! We were just at the shop and when we got here, we sort of went, hmmmm...didn't we just see this somewhere?
    We think you should offer to model the bandanna for the Lounge Kitties' Daddy!
    You rock that bandanna, Priscilla!

  3. That is a fancy looking scarf and looks great on you Pricilla. We are so glad that you modeled it for us. We sure will go check out the shop. Take care.

  4. You are very stylish in that scarf! I do hope you get to help the male person. It sounds like it will be most tasty! Happy Earth Day to you too!

  5. i want to see the male person working in his misspent youth shirt! i will check out that site now!

  6. that is too cute! i want photos of the male person and you working together!

  7. You are the best SupermodelGoat ever, Pricilla! I seem to remember seeing a picture of the male person in a tie-dyed shirt - on the other blog, perhaps? A reminder of forgotten misspent youth... maybe I should get the Melting Bulls Eye shirt for my husband. He would also plead the fifth or a memory lapse if I mentioned any misspent youth, I bet.

  8. Pricilla! We are gonna tell Daddy to change his listing from "Dog" bandanas to "GOAT" bandanas! Cos you are totally rockin' yours. And recycling? Can you believe Mommy throws our poops AWAY? It's a crime.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  9. You look absolutely adorable in that bandana. I think you are too stylish to help in the garden. The male person should be hand feeding you berry plants.

  10. we so think you should offer your services to the Kapnip Lounge daddy.....cause we don't the cats over there are gonna do it. haha

    Good luck "helping" with the garden - the male person may be on to you.

  11. I think that looks smashing on you!LOL! I love tye dye shirts!

  12. Pricilla you & your bandana are showstoppers. I thought you were wearing the colorful scarf as a tribute to the late Lilly Pulitzer (who was famous for pretty, bright pink colors). You should tell the male person to wear his new tee shirt so you can be color coordinated as you work together.
    I agree that you look fabulous and dressed for success. I did not think that the Spokesgoat could look any better, but you do. Probably, as you pointed out, the color brings out the lovely color of your eyes.
    Do watch out Pricilla, some of the other goats may be more jealous than normal and try to eat your beautiful scarf and that would be tragic.

  13. You look quite fetching in that lovely bandana Pricilla! I must be an old hippie too 'cause I be lovin' me some tie-dye! I'm off to check out the site now, thanks for the link! :)

  14. Pricilla, you are a beautiful supermodelgoat! We think the Katnip Lounge Daddy should put your picture in his listings! We're glad that you and the male person like your tie dyed goodies and sure hope he appreciates your help with the garden!

  15. I LOVE that bandanna--I just hope the other (jealous) goat friends don't eat it!!

  16. Pricilla, You are stylin', girlfriend! NO ONE is a better super-model, spokesgoat than YOU and that cool bandana is the purrfect accessory. When you plant the berry garden, your Dad can wear his shirt and you can be matchies. Plus, I am sure if you help him plant, you will be entitled to some special samples. Right? Right.


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