Friday, April 5, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Pumpkin the Farm Cat Enjoys the Warm Sunshine and the New Grass

It's Farm Cat Friday and today I show you Pumpkin the Farm cat outside enjoying this beautiful weather we have been having.  Pumpkin is the shyest of the Farm cats and we don't often get to see him doing his thing.

He does not often let the publicist take his picture. 
He usually runs from the camera.
I think he was just so happy and content in the sun, munching on the new shoots of grass that he didn't notice her.

When he is outside he does not go far. 
In fact he usually just hides under the male person's tractor.
But this day he was sitting next to it.

He was munching on the new grass just starting to come up thanks to the sun.
I must admit that we goats are doing the same thing.
That new grass is mighty tasty!

Right Pumpkin?
I think he agrees!

Is something coming after Pumpkin?
What does he hear?
Anyone who has ever watched a movie will know EXACTLY what he heard!
Stupid roosters!

That Pumpkin does have very pretty eyes, doesn't he?

Pumpkin has decided that he has had enough outside time for now.

Time to go back into the house where there is a soft bed and lots of food.
Pumpkin is no dummy cat.
He knows he has it good!

Just like all of us on this Farm!


  1. Pumpkin is such a stunning cat! And so unique in his male tortiness.

  2. What a handsome male tortie! And yes, Pumpkin does have pretty eyes. :)

  3. We were going to say the same thing as Sparkle. It is so unusual to have a male tortie cat. He really is so handsome. Glad you got out to enjoy the sun Pumpkin. Take care.

  4. Oh, Pumpkin is so handsome! He is smart for staying inside where it is safe. Outside noises can be really scary--especially that darn rooster.

    I think I would like a rooster here to annoy my neighbors. Can I borrow him for a few weeks??? ;)

  5. Pumpkin is absolutely adorable. I hope he is enjoying his time in the sun.

  6. handsome mancat!!! the sunshine out there looks nice though :)

  7. Pumpkin is a beautiful kitty! I'm glad he stayed still long enough for the Publicist to snap a few pictures! :)

  8. Pumpkin is a very handsome Mancat! We think he should do Tortie Tuesdays! Think AbbyGoat would understand?

  9. Pumpkin is a most handsome ManCat, and very smart too, since he enjoys the soft beddies and delishus fudz available inside away from those ::shhhhhhh:: roosters.


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