Monday, April 15, 2013

Boing, Boing, Boing!

The kids are bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!
If they were not goat kids I would think they were related to a certain character who has a top made out of rubber and a bottom made out of springs!

They do make for fun watching and lots of laughs around the Farm.
In this movie you can see Thelma's twins, Mick and Keith doing what goat kids do best.
Beware the call of the rooster!

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE
And what do they do best? BOUNCE!
Little Rory joins in at the end.

They never seem to stop!
I wish I had some of this energy. It would be a good thing for an old goat like me.


  1. My goodness. Those are some bouncy little kids!
    I so so love their little tails. Does it mean anything when they flick it about quickly?

  2. OMC, the way they bounce, it doesn't even look real! I hope my human doesn't get baby goat fever again.

  3. Gosh, that is fun to watch. They do boing around. Love the visit from little Rory. Move movies please. They are fun. We want baby goats too. Take care.

  4. Oh, I would get NOTHING done if I lived there---I would be watching them and laughing all day long! They are soooo funny!

    Thanks for the rooster alert. I think you need that at the beginning of all clips that include roosters singing so I know to turn the volume down. Hee! Hee!

  5. just so goofy. (i always love your roosters)

  6. They certainly have a lot of energy. I wish I had that kind of energy.

  7. we are reminded of a certain orange kitty guy (and we don't mean Sherpa). mom says they remind her a little of the kittens - boingy boingy :)

  8. heh about moving like Jagger!

  9. They certainly are bouncy! They made us tired!

  10. I love bouncy little kids! Annoying roosters, not so much. LOL!!

  11. That looks like lovely bouncing weather. We're stuck in the mud and can't bounce right now.

  12. I was watching this video earlier today and when the rooster crowed (probably at the break of dawn), Pop axed "what was that?" heh heh! Theyre so cute unlike their namesakes.

  13. So I guess these aren't them fainting goats, eh? Ha ha ha!

    PS: To the Mom--The Human gotted her soaps! They were supposed to all be a birfday present, but you know what? The Human KEPT one for herself, heh heh. She lubs them! XOXOXOX


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