Tuesday, April 23, 2013

AbbyDay - Mother Nature Will Not Beat ME!

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. Mother Nature thought she would get the best of AbbyGoat - Pfffffft!

NOTHING gets the best of AbbyGoat!
I reign supreme.

Even though it is Spring.
Even though it is April.
Mother Nature decided to give us a snowstorm
She gave us about 3" of snow.

The kids were not sure about this white stuff - remember, they had not seen snow before.
Even though Thelma the goat HAD seen snow before she was acting a little erm, cowardly...

...she hid in the goathouse!
She left her kids out all alone to deal with this strange weather.

Whereas I, AbbyGoat kept my kids close.

I made sure they understood that snow was not something to be afraid of.

I even led them in some goat yoga to put them at ease.
They are trying different poses here.

But look how synchronized they can be!
Is that not impressive?
I think so!

What do you want?
We are doing just fine.

The publicist will have photos all week of all of us in the snow.


  1. I can't believe you have all that snow - it's a winter wonderland in late April! I am glad you are taking it in stride, Abby - you are probably the only one!

  2. Oh no, not more snow.Poor little goat kids. We hope your little hooves don't get too cold. Have a great day and I hope that sun comes out soon.

  3. Um. Isn't Thelma your kid? Maybe you should have been talking to her and encouraging her not to be so concerned. Just because she has kids of her own doesn't mean she can't use some guidance from her maaa.

  4. we like the boys standing on the hay trying to escape the snow. we got chilly just looking at it....

  5. Poor little warm-weather goats! I think they've had enough snow for this year!

  6. You're a good Mamagoat, Abbygoat!
    We laughed at that picture of Thelma's boys standing high up in the hay.

  7. You're doing a good job teaching your little bucks about snow Abby! We can't believe you got so much snow so late this year. Hope you get to munch on green grass soon!

  8. Abby you are a very experienced Supermom. Teach those kids not to fear anything like a little snow (in April??) & they will grow up to be like you - Not afraid of anything In the barnyard.
    Thelma must take after her father's side of the family is all I can say. Headbutts to Thelma, you scardygoat!

  9. okay..i need some acreage next to you to build a yurt. i want snow on my birthday!!!

  10. Thelma is definitely not as brave as you, Abby! You are the best in every way, right? Right, I thought so. And your kids too? Right. XOXOXOX

  11. Very nice synchronized yoga poses! You are a good nanny goat Abby to show your kids that snow is not something to fear!


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