Thursday, March 7, 2013

I am MAD at the Sun

It's true!
It came out the other day.
We all enjoyed it.
You saw Thelma basking yesterday.

She looked so happy, didn't she?

I basked too.
It was so delightful to feel the warm sun on my furs.

Even if my furs are looking a bit disheveled right now.
A doe can't help it during "shaggy time."
I'll be all sleek and smooth before you know it.

It was so nice to just lie down and relax.

AbbyGoat was happy about it too.
I don't blame her.
She is the size of the horse barn across the street very pregnant.

Aaaaaah, such delight.
Nothing to do but my goat yoga.

I am a very limber goat for my age!

But do know what happened today?
It snowed a LOT.
And we had to spend the day in the barn.

THAT is why I am mad at the sun.
It should have stayed out.
It should not have gone away.

Harumph to the sun!
It had better come back soon!
Or else!


  1. Oh no, Pricilla! That is awful that it snowed - you thought spring was coming and then you got CHEATED! That was really not fair.

  2. That is shocking! We hope the sun behaves and shows up tomorrow.

  3. Bad sun, bad!!
    We have had sun all week BUT we are going to get rain and snow Friday afternoon. :(

  4. Oh no Pricilla, that is awful that it snowed. Yuck. We sure hope the sun comes back and the snow goes away. Bad sun. Abby, you do have a big lump there in your belly. Take care.

  5. hmmmm..i wonder if that snow will make it to me???

  6. oh, dear! and poor abby, too. :)

  7. You are looking very shaggy. Hopefully it kept you warm when the snow came. Apparently you have sent your snow here since we are getting it today.

  8. I feel the same way when that happens! But I'm not as shaggy as you are ;-)

  9. You all look so happy basking! I do hope your sun returns.

  10. That's not fair that the sun didn't stay out and the snow came back! We hope you soaked up enough sunshine to last until you can get some more!

  11. I'd invite you here but we got snow too. My bad human keeps thinking sweater when she looks at your disheveled fur.


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