Friday, March 8, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa the Maid Cat?

Is Sherpa the Farm cat becoming Sherpa the Maid cat?
I am beginning to wonder.
He likes to "help" the publicist all he can.
I know he is the chief inspectorcat for all of the boxes in the yurt.
I also know that when she is sending out one of my soap orders he checks out each and every box and has even been known to inspect the bubble wrap.

But washing windows?
What is this?
The publicist has gotten a Thermoelectric Wine Cooler*. for the yurt.
NO - she is not going to be drinking a lot of wine!
It is for cheese.
GOAT'S MILK cheese.
I'll bet you did not know that wine coolers make excellent cheese caves did you?
She is very excited about having her new wine cooler. In fact she is going to make a cheese this week so she can start filling it up.

It has two sections so she can make two different kinds of cheese and keep them at the proper temperature. 

She will have lots and lots and lots of goat's milk once Abby and Thelma have their kid(s).

But back to Sherpa.
He must have thought the wine cooler needed some cleaning.
Watch him as he does his housework.

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

Silly Sherpa!
What do you think?
Should he be Sherpa the Maid cat now?

Maybe he will come clean out my goat house.
Harry can eat the mice and Sherpa can clean up after him.
Now THAT is what cats are good for!

*If you would like to know more about it you can see the publicist's review of the New Air AW-210ED Thermoelectric Wine Cooler on her blog.


  1. Sparkle said it like it is. Cleaning is for the humans. But Sherpa, you are doing a great job. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  2. Mommy says Sherpa is welcome to clean here ANY time.

    btw--the book is GREAT! Thank you!!!!

  3. We love Sherpa the window cleaner! You can't be Sherpa the maid. That is for the human. You can be Inspector Sherpa instead. :D

  4. i LOVE the window cleaning! he'd be perfect to go behind our dog nose prints on the sliding glass doors and wipe those up! :)

  5. Sherpa, your dedication and attention to detail is most honorable. Well-done!

  6. What are we going to do with those cats? I agree they should be eating mice (and maybe even a stupid chicken or two).

  7. did someone say cheese???

    (sorry - we may have lost Tommy right about there....)

    We like Sherpa's buffing technique - mom wants to know if he could come clean our windows... we are supposed to get some sun this weekend and mom knows that means she gets to look at dirty windows :)

  8. Why does he do that on there???! such a wacky cat! Send him over here if he likes to clean windows---mine are all icky from winter.

  9. My Bob cat does that on top of the dryer. I always say he's ice skating! LOL!!
    That Sherpa sure is a busy cat with many important duties! :)

  10. Great movie! Cats are not maids. heh heh

  11. Oh My COD. A CHEESE safe???
    This is big.
    Really big.
    ; ) Katie


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