Friday, March 29, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Biting Box of Orange?

You all saw Sherpa the Farm cat in his new box.
That Sherpa!
He does love his boxes!

What you did not see was all the FUN that Sherpa has in his new box.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

The male person better beware!
If he is not careful he might lose a finger.

I am sure this is not like any box of oranges any of you have seen before.
And for any of you that asked that it be shipped to you - do you still want it?

It bites!


  1. That's the best box EVER!!!
    Looks like Waffles would have no trouble fitting inside it. For HOURS and HOURS.
    ; ) Katie

  2. That Sherpa is awfully silly!

  3. LOL, what's funny is he could put each paw and his face through one of those holes and still have one left over.

  4. Sherpa, that looks like a tough job whapping the Dad's fingers.But nice try. That does look like such a fun box. Take care.

  5. The Male Person better not close his eyes tonight....

  6. Sherpa's so cute playing in that box! Love it when he had his face in the hole. Adorable!

  7. You should market those orange boxes as the ultimate cat toy and charge $29.99 (Sherpa not included) + S/H. Slap handle on one end & it doubles as a cat bed & carrier for traveling cat. Sherpa would make a great spokescat for the Kittycarton combination creative cat toy & multipurpose lounge bed/portable cat carrier. Sherpa does a great demo & makes you want to run out & get one for your own cats. Yup - you could make a million on a simple concept like that

  8. how awesome!!! though your oranges appear to be fuzzy, angry and have sharp points. MOL

  9. Oh SNAP! All that time watching this long movie, and no BLOODS at all. Sherpa: FAIL.

  10. I would have that male person torn apart. Just meowin'.

  11. Sherpa is so cute! He sure moved around in that box a lot and he looks so soft and floofy and full of teefs! We still want a box of oranges like that one!

  12. Fortunately, that male person has fast fingers. Otherwise they might be shorter fingers.


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