Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AbbyDay - I am a Nostalgic Goat

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. And just so you know - AbbyGoats are the BEST goats.

I have been thinking.
It happens when one is a hormonal goat.
My kid Thelma is going to have HER kids soon.

I am going to be a grandnanny again.
I can hardly believe it.

I remember when Thelma and Louise were born.
It seems like it was yesterday!

They were soon growing big and hopping all over the Farm.
Time goes by so quickly.

And suddenly Louise was having kids.
My first grandkids.
I guess I now knew how Pricilla felt.
Don't tell her I maaaed that, OK?

Then Bruce and Clarence the goats joined us on the Farm.
Oh my! They were cute.

But soon they were acting like BOYS!

Who knows what Thelma will have?
The publicist tells us it will be in the next week but only a goat knows for sure.

And then soon after I am a grandnanny I will be a nanny again!
My oh my!
There will soon be kids hopping and bouncing all over this Farm.

Fun times ahead!

PS - our very good friend, Daisy the Curly Cat wrote a very informative post about how to treat your friends on her PetMeds Blog. Pricilla even helped her! You should go and check it out to see Daisy's Etiquette Lesson. It is very wise. 


  1. My human is so excited about all the baby goats coming - she is impossible to calm down!

  2. We can't wait for the new kids to show up!

  3. Thanks for the goat update! Do you still have Louise too? Maybe one of them will have triplets!

  4. It sounds like it is going to get bouncy around there really soon!

  5. just love all the bouncing kids you share with us!

  6. Goodness, the publicist is going to be busy with all those kids hopping around. We can't wait. But then we don't have to do the work. Take care.

  7. Awww, I love those baby photos! Sigh. Can't wait for the new one.

    I saw Daisy's post!! How fun!

  8. You will have lots of kids running around soon. I am getting excited to see my new grandkids too.

  9. You goats have the cutest kids! Can't wait to see the newest additions! :)

  10. There she goes again. Glogirly can't stop giggling and squeeing with those little kids of yours. And another on the way??? Please stop her.

    We saw Daisy's post and LOVED it!!! I want to get a pet goat for Waffles now. That way maybe he'll leave me alone.

    ; ) Katie

  11. It was fun seeing everybuddy as babies again and makes us want to see the new babies even more!

  12. The Human and me has never really seen baby goaties before--they are ADORABLE! We're off to visit Daisy!

  13. Does the Publicist keep all the kids or does she adopt them out?? I ope they don't turn up in, like, sausage or something.


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