Tuesday, March 12, 2013

AbbyDay - I am Going on Maternity Leave

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week. And it's soon going to be the AbbyGoats Farm! That's right. With MY kids taking over the place.

I am due in the next couple of weeks.
I am tired.
I am not being treated with respect by the paparazzi.
Therefore I am going on maternity leave until my kids arrive.
The next AbbyDay will be the one that introduces the next Most Beautiful Kids in the World to the world.

This movie is one reason I am taking my early leave...

If you cannot view the movie you can see it on YouTube HERE

Can you believe the injustice of that film?
I find it horrifying to be shot from that angle!
The paparazzi around this place are horrible.
If I could move any faster I would butt her them.


  1. Abby, the paparazzi are just terrible, aren't they!?

  2. Maaaaa goodness. That's not a very flattering angle! The pawparazzi so deserves a butt from you.

  3. Abby, you do have a wide load there. Hope those kids don't wait too much longer to come on out of there. That was not very nice of the pawparazzi to do that to you. But it was fun seeing it. Take care.

  4. hahaha....don't we all just hate those people with cameras?

  5. you and kim k....

    (and i believe that is the first video w/o a raucous rooster in it!)

  6. I think she's quite adorable in all of her waddly mama to be goodness!

  7. Oh Abby, I cannot believe that the papaprazzi has sunk to an all time low in chasing you through the dirt in your delicate condition. As I viewed this shameful video, I feared that your asymetrical belly would cause you to topple over onto the ground. I could tell you were troting away from the cameras as fast as your heavily burdened squat legs could carry you. Shame on the paparazzi for filming the Madonna of all goats in such an unflattering manner. Use your well deserved maternity leave to dream of how to carry out the Abbyfarm takeover. Your followers will patiently wait for you to announce the arrival of your offspring.

  8. You do have a bit of a wide load there, but I do think the waddle comment is a bit much. Enjoy your leave.

  9. At least you're the same size on both sides or it'd really be awful!

  10. Well, *I* think you look purrfectly wonderful! I am verreh excited about having my only goatie furiend have a BABY! Squee!!!

  11. Poor Abby, no respect! You enjoy your leave and we'll see you with your sweet little kids in a week or so! :)

  12. OMC! How do those skinny legs hold you up? MOL! Sorry. don't care for the pawpawrazzi myself.


Maaaaaa away....


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