Monday, March 11, 2013

A Proposal? For Me?

I was so very shocked when Luke the Goat came to visit me the other day.
He came to PROPOSE!
Can you believe it?
I could not.

Is there a wedding in my future?
Watch the movie to see what happened

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

The life of a one buck on the Farm doe I suppose.

ps:  This is my 1500th post. I thought it should be SOMETHING momentous and a proposal from my studmuffin certainly is!


  1. Pricilla, how could you expect anything different from Luke? He is good looking and charming, but he IS a playa!

  2. Poor Priscilla. But we think you did the right thing to stay firm on your principle of not being in an open marriage.

  3. That rooster won't be loyal either. Sigh.

  4. Oh Pricilla, that is so sad but probably for the best. Luke has to keep all those ladies happy and lots of kids around. Hope your day gets better.

  5. He's such a typical male, I'm afraid. Sigh.

    He makes hilarious sounds!

  6. Be strong, Priscilla. He isn't worthy if he doesn't agree to your reasonable dema-a-a-nds. :)

  7. The key line here was "I will not have an open marriage!" I loved that!! Made me LOL

  8. Hold out for monogamy!

    Happy 1500!!!!!

  9. Congrats on the 1500th post! Meanwhile, Pricilla, you can do so much better than that cheating (bad language) goat. You are the queen.

  10. Happy 1500th post!!

    Mom says: from one single girl to another, men just aren't worth it.

    (oh and that one cry - it sounded like someone falling out of a window - made mom snicker)

  11. Your better off alone than with a wandering eyed husband! Wow! 1500 post! That deserves some apples!

  12. Poor Pricilla! If he can't be faithful then he doesn't deserve you! His loss! Happy 1500th post!

  13. Oh, Pricilla, get thee to a nannery!


Maaaaaa away....


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