Thursday, February 28, 2013


We did.
We were bad goats.
But we were tired of just being in our goat pen.
We wanted some ADVENTURE.
We wanted some FIBER.

We headed for the wood pile!

Mmmmm, bark.
We loves us some bark.
Especially those of us with kids on the way.

Even Louise wanted some yummy wood.
There are no dumb goats to be found on this Farm!

Thelma is practicing to have super fast lips just like her nanny!
Where am I, you ask?

Well, do you see the chicken house behind Louise?
The chicken house that has fallen down into a crumbled heap?
I am no dumb goat!
I am behind that chicken house looking for any GRAIN that might have fallen out.

That is better than bark.
Uh-oh! I had better watch out.
AbbyGoat is ON THE WAY!

PS - no chickens were hurt in the big collapse. The male person knew it was going to happen so he moved all the chickens in that house to the big chicken house in our pen.
The VERY NEXT DAY the chicken house went BOOM!


  1. Wood! Grain! You goats have very odd dietary habits! I will take chicken and salmon any day!

  2. You goats sure eat everything. :)
    We're glad no chickens were injured in the collapse. Phew.

  3. It is in the goatie constitution, article 3, that, if an escape can be made a goatie must do it.

    I thought Abby goat may have butted that chicken coop to pieces....

  4. Just don't try eating the chicken house!! :P

  5. Goats do like to escape especially to get some nice bark. Good thing the wood pile was there so you naughty goats didn't go very far. Hope you got lots of bark.

  6. Yummy bark! MMMMMMMM! You are smart to get that grain. You must have blown up that chicken coop with your manure bomb. heh heh heh

  7. Lucky for those chickens they got moved. I hope you at least found a bit of grain during your freedom.

  8. glad the chickens were safely relocated before! and at least you goats have a magnet to draw you in when you escape (wood pile). :)

  9. An adventure!!! and a snack to go with it.....

    good timing on behalf of the male person :)

  10. These are great pictures! I liked this post very much.

  11. We were afraid you escaped farther than just the wood pile so we're relieved! We're glad nobuddy was hurt in the collapse either!

  12. The Male Person is very wise indeed!
    Goats escaping?!? Nah, that NEVER happens!! ROTFL!!!

  13. If you play your cards right, the cats might spill some kibble. Or maybe you can butt them right outta the way wjole they're eating. Just sayin'. I know you pregnant goatie girls is HUNNNNNGREEEEEE.

  14. Any grain to be found back there or just wood?


Maaaaaa away....


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