Saturday, February 2, 2013

Post Redux - Remembering Harry the CowGoat

The publicist is not feeling well so I am bringing back an oldie but goodie for you to enjoy. Since AbbyGoat will have another kid(s) in March I thought you might like to revisit when Harry the goat was born. He was the first kid featured on my blog. Enjoy! The publicist will be back helping me on Monday.  Harry went off to live on another farm with lots of other goats and is a Happy Goat to this day.

It was a truly happy day on the Farm yesterday as we received a new member into our midst. Please welcome my grandkid,Harry the goat!!! His eyes are not blue, sadly, it's just the camera.

In honor of his birth so close to Father's Day this little bundle of fur has been named for the publicist's father. She is positive he is rolling over in his grave - well he isn't in a grave but you get the idea. Heh heh. Abby had a pretty easy labor and welcomed little Harry with lots of licks. We nanny goats lick our kids a lot in the beginning to clean them off.

He took his first steps within minutes of his birth, wobbly as can be but he was a real trouper! He made his way over to Abby's udder for his first drink of her rich milk with that nutrient rich colostrum.

The publicist thinks he is a little cutie. He is smaller than Kevin was when he was born.

You can sure tell from looking at the little guy that there is NO doubt as to which buck is his daddy.

They are like little goat doppelgangers aren't they? This is Luke when he first arrived at the Farm. He was two months old when he first came to us.

He is of course a very proud daddy goat.

The photos are not as good as the could be as they were taken in the barn in the dark with the flash. The publicist will have much better ones tomorrow when she takes the kid out for his first walk in the sun. I guess it is the year of the buck at the Happy Goats Farm.


  1. It was fun seeing Harry, but even better was SEEING LUKE AS A LITTLE GOAT! Tell the publicist that if she will post more baby Luke photos, she can take her time getting better.

  2. Harry deserves a giant *SQUEEEE* but......seeing Luke being little and cute was a definite treat! :)

    Feel better!

    The Goat Borrower

  3. We totally agree with Sparkle, that picture of Luke as a kid, is terrific. That was fun seeing that. Hope the Publicist feels better really soon.

  4. oh no...i hope you feel better soon! those guys sure were cute kids!

  5. Happy memories! How sweet they are!

    The comment about your father's possible reaction brought to mind something I heard said once. Someone, I forget who, was complaining about the way our gov'mint was being run. He opined that, "If George Washington were alive today, he'd be spinning in his grave." Say what?

  6. I don't think I ever remember seeing your Studmuffin when he was little before. So cute!

  7. OMGoat! Luke! I love seeing him as a young'un. And that tiny baby Harry is such a sweet little guy. Nice redux! And tell the publicist take good care.

  8. A cowgoat. What a cutie Harry is...
    We have a question...why does Luke have what looks like a muzzle?

  9. OMC! I didn't see this the first time so I'm glad you reposted it. Baby goats are ADORABLE!!!!! SCREEEE!

  10. We don't think we've ever seen a baby Luke! We didn't know he looked like Harry! Wow do those bucks change although of course he's still a cutie! We hope the publicist feels better soon!

  11. Aw, we have never seen a baby goatie before! They is squee-worthy!

  12. I hope the Publicist is feeling better soon. I wanted to let you know that I am so, so happy that you are enjoying the heated cat pad!

  13. OMC!!! Harry is A-DOOOOOR-ABLE!!!
    Baby goat kids are just the cutest.
    : )

    We hope your publicist feels better soon. xoxo


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