Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Exciting Soap News

I have more exciting news about my shop!
AbbyGoat already maaaed to you about the new little heart soaps that I have for sale for weddings. Well, there are going to be two other soaps too!

Is that not great?!
I think it is.

The first one is a cat.
I am not as excited about this one but I know how much you humans like cats.

The publicist seems to like it too.
Just WHAT is it about cats?
It doesn't have a name yet.
I will have a contest when it is ready to be sold.
Right now they are curing.

The second one is a froggie.

I like this one a lot.
I picked it out for my very special friend Lin.
In fact, I am going to name it after her!
So meet Lin the Frog!

They will both be available in limited scents in about a month.
I will let you know when.
I will have a giveaway!

Are you excited?
I am.


  1. Oh my goodness! They are so adorable! We are super duper excited!

  2. That is exciting news! Your human is very talented.

  3. Love them! I will start ruminating on a name right now. Catfish?

  4. they are REALLY cute! the cat looks like a cookie! :)

  5. Sweet Soap, very cute.
    The thing about cats? It's a cat thing.

  6. Those soaps are just terrific. We love them both and the frog one is just perfect for Lin. She will be so excited. The cat looks like Sherpa. Have a great day.

  7. These are really cute, my daughters would loves the cat and my daughter-in-law would really love Lin the Frog!

  8. mom says the kittie is so cute she doesn't think she could use it. MOL but that frog is adorable - maybe a gift for the kid

  9. These 2 new soaps are just the cutest and make great additions to your line of soaps. I will start my wheels spinning to come up with a worthy name for the cat soap. I hope you will make him with a citrus scent because that is my favorite.

  10. Hahaha! I LOVE the name! Why didn't I think of that???! I just hope that people don't think I look like a frog! :) Or smell like one.

    Sign me up for a frog soap when it's ready!

  11. We LOVE those! Especially the kitty of course!

  12. We lubs them! We will be lined up to buy some when they is ready ;-)

  13. WOW!!! First Monopoly and now Pricilla's Soaps!!!
    These are adorable!!!

    ...thank mew so much for all your tweets and votes for the little orange guy. We really appreciate it. Now I don't have to be embarrassed.
    ; ) Katie

  14. I LOVE the cat soap. I'll just order TW a few in her favorite ginger fizz. Can't wait for them! he looks like my orange friend P-Kitty.


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