Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Show Louise Who is Boss

I was out in the goat pen and Louise came over and decided to challenge me.

Just what was she thinking?
Does she really think she will win?

I might be old but I am still the head goat around these parts.
She is trying to tell me otherwise.

She needs to learn her lesson!
But I will be gentle.

What are you looking at?
We will handle this.
We have this under control.

I will explain the way of things to Louise.

The big piece of tree is MINE right now, not hers.

Goodbye, Louise.
Go off and do other things.

I will scratch to my heart's head's content.

Good, you eat.
You need it to build up your strength.

Oh - that was not very nice of me, was it?


  1. Pricilla, I kind of expected that bit of sass at the end! After all, ABBY had to get it from somewhere, right? ;-)

  2. You goats really make us laugh! Love that last picture of you, Priscilla! LOL.

  3. Way to go Pricilla. You tell that Louise. You really are still the Queen goat. Take care.

  4. Pricilla, I am sure your philosophy is "maaaa what I say, not what I do". And I see plenty of those chickens milling around, what about maaaaing them off! lol!
    Loved the photo of pricilla and louise looking at the nosy publicist!!

  5. I started laughing at the what are you looking at part. LOL

  6. sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. you tell her pricilla!

  7. There are just certain rules in the goat yard! What was that Louise thinking?

  8. I'm glad you stood your ground Pricilla, silly grandkids anyway!

  9. You sure showed her Pricilla! We were half expecting you to head butt a chicken too!

  10. Oh, the nerve of some young goats. I'm glad you showed her who's boss!

  11. It was very good of you and Louise to stage that mock argument to show the other goats (no Abby names Abby mentioned Abby of course) how to behave properly.


Maaaaaa away....


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