Thursday, January 17, 2013

We Need to Be Saved!

It's true!
Especially me!

I would like someone to come rescue me from the awful conditions I have to live in.
No goat should have to live like this.

Can you believe the publicist is allowing this weather?
She knows I am an African goat. She knows I like it warm.
Just LOOK at all this snow.

Do you see how high it is?
It is over my hooves.
This is goat abuse!

I am begging someone to come get me and take me somewhere warm.
So who is up for it?

I don't eat, burp, much.
I like apples and grain and carrots and grain and apples and grain and hay.
And nice hot water to drink.
I am not fussy.
The publicist will tell you. She takes good care of me.



  1. You would probably like it down here in southern California, Pricilla! But probably not in the big city, where we live.

  2. Oooo! You are doing The Supreme Goat Stare of Death! WOW! You must be really, really serious.

  3. If you could fit in a tunnel, you could teleport right over! Our weather is hot all year round.

  4. Oh Pricilla, you know you would miss the Publicist. She does take such good care of you. You do look miserable. We will speak to Mr. Sun and see if we can get him to move out there to you.

  5. Yes, I do think your publicist takes better care of you than you would find many places. Maybe you should just practice being a tough doe and hope for spring.

  6. Tell the publicist to get you some lovely, colorful booties! A well dressed goat is a happy goat! ;)


  7. i'd take you in but my dogs would have a fit. not in a good way, i'm afraid. plus, you'd be fussing about visiting the buck across the street from our place. nah...

  8. I would love to have you come here to the Small Town but we have snow too. You need to find someone with a nice beach house in Florida (maybe the publicist can go with you).

  9. you could come here and live! it is warm with no snow at all. but there is a chow chow. a very dangerous chow chow.

  10. You've been given an award!

  11. we would love to help, but we gets the colds and the snow here too... plus we don't think you would like living in the condo with no yard :)

  12. I definitely second the motion of booties, beautifully fashioned in a style that is befitting a spokesgoat such as yourself. Imagine how comfy that would be.

  13. LOL I live in an apartment it might be a little too small for you!

  14. We don't get much sunshine but you can certainly come here Pricilla! They have snowbirds that go to warmers states in the winter, we see no reason there can't be snowgoats that head south too!

  15. Oh, Pricilla, you know you would miss the Publicist and the Male Person terribly! The snow WILL go away eventually!

  16. Pricilla, Harley will take you!

  17. I would take you and we don't have any cold or snow here this year! I think you and I would have a fun time annoying Mean Old Man across the street. He hates to see Hobbes walking around...can you imagine how mad he will get seeing a GOAT walking around???! Hee! Hee! I'm up for it, Pricilla. I will send you a bus ticket.

  18. Oh Pricilla, You are so adorable....but I don't think you'd really like living in our living room, and it's cold in San Francisco, although there isn't a snow. But mostly there's asphalt and concrete and more cars than you can count. So I think you should go inside and have a hot toddy and a nappy.

  19. There's no hay here Pricilla. TW would love to have a cute goat to make her own soap. BTW, do you have that mohair stuff on you?

  20. But do you like grain???
    ; )

    Sorry, but it's just as cold here.
    I'm telling've got to sneak inside the house!!!
    When the publicist isn't looking, make your move.
    ; ) Katie


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