Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Twins Went to JAIL!

It's true!
I wouldn't lie about such a thing.
It seems that when the male person fixed them he, erm missed. So they aren't completely harmless.

This is why they sing the Toughbuck Chorus so often it seems.
Then their nanny was finding Luke the goat VERY attractive and it was a dangerous combination of events.

So the publicist put the twins IN JAIL.
Well, really she put them in the garden.

It was contained.
They had hay.
They had water.
They had a lot of room to roam.
They had each other.
They just didn't have what they wanted the most.

They spent a lot of time running around exploring. They were never far from each other though. 

Little Clarence made his displeasure KNOWN!

Any time he saw the publicist he would MAAAAAAA!
And loudly!
She knew they were just fine.
They could still see the herd and they had plenty of food.

Is that the Goat Stare of Death?
Tsk, tsk. That is no way to win the publicist over to your side Clarence!

They eventually settled down to their new surroundings and actually started to enjoy the big pen.
The male person is going to build them their own pen as soon as the ground softens up in the Spring.


  1. I had no idea that the male person did the fixing at the farm! I bet the boys are not thrilled being isolated when their hormones are raging and there are does to attend to! Do they need to be refixed?

  2. Oh oh. Double trouble! Those boys sure have grown.
    We're a little curious...the male person *fixed them* on his own? *gulp*

  3. Does this mean the boys are staying on the farm?

  4. Those two are so darn cute although bad boys but they can't help it. Those are some good pictures of them. I hope it does mean they are staying on the farm.
    Take care and have a fun day.

  5. Yeah, I was going to ask... can they fix the miss? Or are they still fully productive? Have you decided to keep them the way they are for stud-dage?

  6. Like everyone else, I'm surprised to hear that the male person did the fixing. And, can it be redone?

  7. uh oh - that is trouble..... And that Clarence needs to dial it back or get in trouble with the publicist :)

  8. The farm is starting to sound like a soap opera but we're loving every minute of it and will tune in daily to see what happens!

  9. OTHO I want to know if they have shelter from the cold and snow. Of course I'm sure their fur is warm and everything or humans wouldn't make sweaters out of it. Still … We know someone who assisted in fixing her cow so that isn't so very strange.


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