Monday, January 21, 2013

Spotlight on Louise the Goat

Louise the goat is very quiet and unassuming.
She never butts me or tries to steal my grain like certain other AbbyGoat goats around this Farm.
She just lets me eat as I want.
She doesn't eat my hay either.
She doesn't do anything to bother me at all.

I like Louise the goat unlike certain other AbbyGoat goats around this Farm.

Isn't she pretty?
She is my grandkid of course even though her nanny is AbbyGoat she is nothing like certain AbbyGoat goats around this Farm.

She is a good nanny and the publicist says she is just the sweetest goat on the Farm beside me, of course.
I am happy to keep an eye on her.

She makes me proud to be a grandnanny!


  1. Oh Pricilla, we are so glad that Louise is nice to you. After all you are the Queen around there and they should be nice to you and Louise sure looks like a very nice goat.She is so pretty too. Take care.

  2. I can see why Louise is the apple of your eye!

  3. mom wants to scritch that white spot between her is nice that Louise takes after her grandnanny!!

  4. Sweet personality AND beautiful!? She's the goaty whole package!

  5. She must have inherited her sweetness from you!

  6. she is beautiful and obviously very sweet. :)

  7. It's nice to hear a story about a sweet goatie!

  8. Louise does look like a sweetie! She must take after her grandnanny!

  9. What a pretty girl! And it sounds like she has a lovely temperament.

  10. She IS a pretty girl! And sounds like a lovely young goatie too. I think I would like to be her friend if I lived there.

  11. What a pretty sweet girl! But hey, you know, she's kinda making everybody else look bad, ya know? Doesn't she do anything wrong?


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