Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goatucation Makes a Return - Fixing the Bucks

Goatucation is making a return for today. There were quite a few questions when I showed you that the twins had to go to jail when Louise erm, wanted to dance the rhumba with Luke.

This is not going to be a fun Goatucation but it will answer all of the questions.  As you know there seem to be a lot of little boy goats born on the Farm. When the male person bought Luke the goat from his Farm he came from a Farm where there were a lot of boy goats and he asked the lady if that meant Luke would make boy goats. She swore up and down that he would not.

She lied.

Luke has been here 2008 and he has danced a lot of rhumbas. The only girl goats have been Emily and Thelma and Louise. So that leaves the male person with a lot of buck fixing to do. And he growls a lot every time another little buckling appears.

We cannot have a lot of bucks on the Farm and bucks are hard to place. On the other hoof, wethers (a fixed, male goat) make very nice lawn mowers and excellent pets. So the male person and publicist do something called "banding" the little boy goatlings. It is not their favorite job but it has to be done. Not everything is fun on a Farm.

It bothers the little guys for about 10 - 15 minutes and then they are back to bouncing around and annoying us older goats as kids are wont to do. If the male person erm, misses the buckling can maintain his "buckiness" and that is what happened with Bruce and Clarence. They think it is because they were smaller than average. Nothing more can be done at this point. This presents a problem because they now spray and do things that a buck would do so they cannot be placed as pets.

The male person and publicist are not sure of what is going to happen right now. These are some of the hard decisions that come with having goats.

They will stay here for a while yet so you will get to see them grow a bit more. They will just have to go to jail when their nanny wants to dance the rhumba!


  1. My human did a little bit of googling about neutering adult goats and she sees what the problem is - apparently the older a goat gets, the worse an operation would be for them. Plus it is not cheap. Nothing like sending an intact mancat off to the vet for the afternoon.

  2. Maaaaaaaa! This is not something for the weak hearted to do. Can the vet do something about it? Maybe a small surgery to get rid of the remaining cause of the buckiness?

  3. I live in terror that Wee Baby Alice will be Wee Baby Not Alice!

    Kevin and Dave, the sweetest and shyest of any bucks I have ever known,are past wethering and, although dairy spray is nicer than Boer spray...well....there's still that willie-swingin' to deal with. This now makes them less than desirable event goats. Which is sad, because they want nothing more than to be loved and adored at an event. And the occasional bologna sandwich. *sigh*

    I do not envy you your quandary.......

    But I *do* envy you snuzzle time with those sweet dears.......


  4. I had two wethers here and they were really nice goats. I hope you can figure out something for Clarence and Bruce. That is too bad that they were so small. Too bad we live so far apart. They could come here. Take care.

  5. So does this mean your going to replace Luke with a less manly goat?

    Hopefully Clarence & Bruce wil find a good home! Or you can buy the lot next door and set up a petting zoo?

  6. i really hate that they can't be re-fixed! ugh!

  7. I was gonna ask about "re-fixing" and I see by the comments that it's not possible. :( Bummer. I hope good things come for my little friends. I don't like the "farm" part of farm-life. I would not make a good farmer, I think.

  8. Oh's a pickle for sure! We wish we had some advice, but no such luck.

  9. oh boy and ouch! i am hoping for a good outcome!

  10. Hmmm...that's why we prefer cutting to banding. I know it's too late to re-band but couldn't they be castrated? Some folks we know who raise Boer goats wait to castrate until they are older so that they put on more weight for market.

  11. We would not make good farmers at all! Sorry this happened to little Bruce and Clarence but hope it all works out for everyone.

  12. A friend in my writer's group raises sheep and they have similar problems with little boy baa-ers. She says some of them have to go to freezer camp.

  13. I think I'm gonna have to read more about this buckiness business. MOL


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