Friday, January 4, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa the Flying Cat?!

It is well known that Sherpa the Farm cat likes to walk along the walls of the yurt.
What is not as well known is how he gets DOWN.
Sometimes he just calls for the publicist to get him down.
Sometimes he comes down in the kitchen by way of the refrigerator.
And sometimes he flies:

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Silly Sherpa!
Does he think he has wings?

The publicist just hopes he does not decide to get down this way while she is sleeping.
Talk about a rude awakening!

ps: the publicist will address all of your questions about Bruce and Clarence tomorrow!


  1. Sherpa could be a stunt kitty in movies! Although I guess everything is done by CGI now.

  2. flying kitty! sherpa sure has some personality!

  3. Good jump Shepa and glad the bed was there to catch you. That is a long ways down.

  4. It's a bird!
    No, it's a plane!
    No, it's SUPER-SHERPA!!!
    : )

  5. INCOMING!!! mom agrees - not a good way to be awakened in the am.... :)

  6. Flying cat crashes into sleeping woman's ribs is not a headline any of us would like to see.

  7. I think Sherpa is trying out for the next Olympics.

  8. Is that really flying or falling with style???


Maaaaaa away....


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