Thursday, January 24, 2013

Did You See Those Chickens?

Thelma the goat here. 

I am blogging today because I was SHOCKED at the actions of those chickens yesterday.

Did you see them?
Did you see that they were drinking OUR water?!

That is NOT RIGHT!
I cannot believe that the publicist allows this behavior.

You think I should do something about it?
Like what?
There are too many of them.
If I butt them they come back.
If I charge over there they come back.
No matter what - THEY COME BACK!

Stupid chickens!
I think there should be a chicken free zone just for us goats.
What do you think?


  1. Golly. Those chickens are EVERYWHERE! And to see how they have put their ample butts together to form a kind of barricade between you and YOUR water bucket. The nerve!

  2. I get the feeling the publicist would not be too unhappy about a chicken-free zone! I don't think she likes them much better than you!

  3. Ew! Chicken-beak water! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

  4. I am from the chicken union. You are hereby declared to cease and desist your ugly talk about the chickens. They were thirsty and on their union paid 15 minute scheduled break. If you don't like it, well too bad. We do have some Jersey connections to take care of feisty goats like you. Cough, I mean bawk, bawk.

  5. I think you're lucky they aren't geese.

  6. Millie is right. Be glad they aren't geese. We think you should gather all the goats and charge. Trouble is, you probably would knock the water over too. Good luck. A chicken free area would be good.

  7. i am always entertained by your chickens, but of course, i don't have to live with them. :)

  8. okay, laughing at millie's comment. :)

  9. What the cluck, Thelma? Those chickens are totally out of line, drinking your water! Protests must be lodged to the proper authority (and I don't mean AbbyGoat).
    On a side note, Thelma, you have the sweetest profile, so cute.

  10. we think a chicken free zone would be ideal, but we don't think it would happen - we understand them chick-hens are devious

  11. Chicken cooties in your water? Gross! A chicken-free zone is long overdue.

  12. I like Millie's comment too! LOL!!

  13. I agree with a "Chicken Free Zone"!

  14. Chickens seem a little bit mean!


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