Tuesday, January 15, 2013

AbbyDay - Even I Am Whining About the Weather

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. If it were up to me I would have the power to change the weather.
But I don't.

It is C.O.L.D.
And it is snowing.
I, AbbyGoat and quite tired of this.

As you can see the barn door is closed and there are no goats in the pen.
That is because we are all shut up, nice and dry in that barn.
I can't say we are warm and toasty because it's FREEZING in these parts.

Although we goats do produce just a BIT of erm, gas.

What I would really like to see is this

Get working on it, will you?!



  1. Look at that Abby face.......
    I LOVE Abby! xoxoxo

  2. POOR ABBY! It's your party, I mean Day, and you can cry if you want to. but I don't think the weather can be changed on demand - even if you are doing the demanding. Just keep dreaming about 80 degree days on a mountain side pasture in the Swiss Alos. Speaking of places like Austria (Well it is next to Switzerland - I think).
    You know Abby, since you were the star of the Christmas production, maybe you could ask the Publicist about giving you the leading roll in the Abby version of the Sound of GassyGoats later this Spring. It is like the Sound of Music, only instead of Julie Andrews you would be the lead goat. Do goats like music? Are you soprano or alto? Just some things to mull over while you are locked in the almost freezing & gassy barn.

  3. That doesn't sound at all fun or suitable for an Abbyday!

  4. Wow. It must be agonizing to see all those tree-ts on the hillside and know you can't get to them. Brrrr.

  5. Poor freezing Abby! Have you considered moving South? We have not seen a snowflake in two years. But then, it's too hot and humid in summer and we have none of your beautiful mountain scenery... Hang in there tight, and don't let the cold bugs bite!

  6. Abby, I hope it stops snowing soon. Hopefully it will get warm soon for you.

  7. I do feel sorry for you stuck in the cold and snow.

  8. ummmm - we don't think that is gonna work on Mother Nature, but good luck. we don't have snow but we have the cold and we DON'T like it either

  9. At least it's not snowing in the barn. Gotta look for anything positive Abby!

  10. That sure does stink, all that cold and snow. Thank heavens that you goats have a nice barn to stay in. Hopefully the sun will come visit really soon.

  11. send me your weather!!! i can't believe we had just 1 week of winter so far.

  12. i totally understand your angst! that would be a bummer!

  13. Whoa! Abby, you take no prisoners! I must admit I love that opening pic but only if its not in MY back yard. Spring will be here before you know it.

  14. Oh Abby...it's a LONG way until springtime. It's cold here too, but we're indoor kitties so we're pretty spoiled. Maybe a certain someone will let you inside...you could promise to use your "inside-maaa."
    ; ) Katie

  15. Yeah, but look how pretty it is there!! It looks like the whole world is dusted with powdered sugar!! Sigh.

  16. Darling! You need a nice heater in there! Or at least you should all cuddle up in a pile together--I think YOU should get to be in the middle since you are so cold.

  17. you can have my green if you send me your white


Maaaaaa away....


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