Monday, January 7, 2013

A Surprise for the Happy Goats

The male person left us a surprise the other day.
I am happy to report that I was the only goat that knew exactly what to do with the surprise. Now AbbyGoat was still in the barn as she needed to be milked so I don't know what would have happened had she been there....

I hope you enjoy this movie. There will be several movies this week. The publicist says she has been very bad about showing you our movies and we are, of course MovieStarGoats and you deserve to see our OscarGoat performances.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Weren't those other goats silly?
Did you see just how excited I was?
At least until the others scared me away.
Don't worry though, I went back when they weren't there and had my fill!

And don't worry about my Luke. The male person made sure he had some too.
That male person is just the best!


  1. I KNEW it was going to be this year's Christmas tree-t! I can't believe those goats were scared of it! But then, the first time I saw a cat tree, I was kind of scared of it too.

  2. Indeed, yesterday was The Day all across Goatie Land! We should come up with a name for the goatie national holiday of trees!

    Miss Darla and our herd were gifted by the Tree Fairy as well!

    The Male Person must have.....contacts....... ;)


  3. Hooray for Christmas Tree treats! Pricilla, you are one smart goat.

  4. Um....the chickens were NOT scared. Did anyone else notice that but me???

  5. You goats were pretty silly to be scared of a tree. That Pricilla knew right away what it was. That will last all of you for a little while. Have fun with that tree.

  6. i'm with lin - the chickens were anything BUT!

  7. Those chickens don't seem to be scared of anything but those other goats sure were! That leaves more tree-t for you Pricilla, well, until Abby got there!

  8. There were simply too many chickens in that movie!

  9. Ha! love your credits: "stupid chickens". :)

  10. You are the smart one! There's nothing quite like scratching your face on some lovely pine. Yummy!

  11. Oh oh oh!!! HERE you are!! Somehow we losted you and started going to the Human's blog and we wondered why we hardly EVER seed you or hear about you!!! But now we has finded you and we won't lose you again!! Hurray--what a good movie and what a taystee tree-t!!!


Maaaaaa away....


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