Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stupid Chickens Can't Take Direction

Sometimes when you hire actorchickens you have to deal with limited talent.
It's true!
Take the fowl we used for our Ghoast of Cluckmas Yet to Come.
It did not take direction.
It did not do what the publicist wanted.
And sometimes it did not even know an AbbyGoat from a Louise the goat!

Stupid bird!
It hopped on LOUISE!

Then it walked up to her head.

It checked her out and then settled.
As if this would advance the story!

Then the silly thing walked back!
The publicist says no more birds in her productions.
Unless that production is FRIED CHICKEN!


  1. I get the sneaking suspicion that the Publicist is not overly fond of chickens... except in frying pans! That's okay, I like 'em that way too.

  2. You just stood there, while that chicken walked all over you, Louise? Unbelievable! We sure hope it didn't leave anything behind...

  3. hahahahahahah

    Told you!



  4. Silly Chickens. You had better watch out. The frying pan is getting closer and closer. Hope you are producing lots of eggs.Take care.

  5. Can I laugh? Because I think that chicken is ballsy and hilarious! I think it looks funny sitting on Louise. :)

  6. This is cool...the blooper reel from the Dickens production!

  7. Let me know when fried chicken is on the menu -- I'll be there!

    Stupid chickens.

  8. We kitties are ALL on board with that!

  9. They are rather bird brains. :-)

  10. Chickuns is stoopid. But they eggs is good. And they cooks up gooder.

  11. Louise is very patient with that chicken on her back! We likes them better fried too.

  12. Sheesh, Louise...that's even worse than a monkey on your back. ...or an orange kitten.
    ; ) Katie

  13. I can't imagine any of the goats here even allowing a chicken near them much less ON them! ;)

  14. I don't see what was in this deal for Louise. She took a lot of flack from that stupid cluck, to her credit she stood perfectly still during the chickens performance boycott and got nothing for her part in the Publicists photo shoot - not even a Ritz! Tell Louise she should never work with children or chickens if she aspires to work in film. Keep you eye on the goat for talent & on the chicken for good eats.

  15. HAH! Look at that crazy chicken. OK, I admit I'm getting hungry.


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