Monday, December 10, 2012

Pricilla the SnowGoat?

Is that what they are singing?
It is certainly what they turned me into!

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

At least I am still a popular goat.
Silly bucks!
I am not sure I like all of this singing.
Would you?
For some reason it makes the publicist laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh.
She is a very silly woman.
But she brings me treats so I have to put up with her.

Sherpa meowed at me to let you know that the RAFFLE is on at Santa Paws Drive. There are lots of great prizes including the one I donated - A Year of My Rich Soap! So if you have not donated any green papers yet now you can do so and maybe win a prize too!


  1. Those boy goats made MY human laugh too! They are extremely silly!

  2. Pricilla, you sure are a very popular lady right now. Loved all the singing but it was pretty darn funny. Those little boys are the best just a bahing away. Take care.

  3. Oh Pricilla, I feel for you. I know exactly what you're going through.

  4. Ah..the Song of the Buck..sung in both soprano and bass,lol!

  5. Luke definitely sounds like Barry White! And he knows how to "bust-a-move" too!!
    Those kids are quite harmonic! Pricilla, you seemed somewhat unimpressed though.

  6. the babies' singing is rather cute. luke? well...

    i bought a couple raffle tickets for your publicist's soaps!

  7. You can call it singing if you like ...

  8. so glad we watched that at home today.... mom cracked up and Opal did the halloween cat dance MOL

  9. Oh thank you for the giggles today, Pricilla. That made my day! :)

  10. ha ha ha...we thought the twins were MAY LING!!!!! they sound exactly alike.

  11. It looks like you were egging them on with all your tail wagging Pricilla!! ;)

  12. You sure know how to make those boys sing Pricilla! They sound like squeak toys!

  13. That's some great holiday caroling. I hope they gave you treats for it!

  14. Pricilla, it looks like you are being stalked. That's what happens when you are so fabulous.

  15. That guy looked angry for some reason. Shhhh, don't tell them about the raffle cos I bought a mess of tickets for your soap. MOL!


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