Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm an Excited Goat

It's true!

Just look at me!
Don't I look excited?
I'm even smiling!

Do you want to know why?
Of course you do!
And I am going to maaaaa at you why.

It's because of our Big Production starting Monday.
A Christmaaaa Carol by Charles DickensGoat!

I have a leading role!
I am to be Pricilla CratchitGoat!

Isn't that exciting?
It's why I'm excitED.
And as you can see......

I'm ready for my close up!

Be sure to come back Monday for the start of our show!


  1. Good one Sparkle. We are very excited about this production Miss Cratchit goat. Very exiting.

  2. Me be's 'cited! Me's loves goatie theatre!

  3. Who could resist that beautiful goat smile?!

  4. What a great smile Pricilla! I too vote for Abby to play Scrooge. Just sayin'

  5. Oh my goodness we wonder if the Rooster gets a part.

  6. We can tell you're excited Pricilla and now so are we!

  7. No wonder you are so excited. Pricilla, you have a pretty smile.

  8. Darling Pricilla! Well, of COURSE you are eggsited! I can hardly wait for tomorrow!

    And, NO, I do not sleep ALL the time (I mean, I am a CAT, so--duh!--I sleep a lot). But here's the truth: I have a super-lazy Human who finds it easiest to take pictures of me when I am adorably curled up completely still! She's not a verreh good photographer and action shots are sort of a challenge for her. To say the least.


Maaaaaa away....


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