Monday, December 3, 2012


It has been raining for FOUR DAYS.
This is as much is what the publicist saw as she walked up to the barn.

She is not happy either.
She is mumbling something about mold on her mildew.

She opened the barn door and I did not like what I saw.

Well, I LIKED seeing her of course!
But then I looked out and saw the weather.

It was another day of rain!

I was NOT a happy goat!
I expressed this.
The publicist said there was nothing she could do.
Even the chickens were soggy.

To be honest, I was a little bit happy about that.
The chickens annoy me.

The publicist went about her work milking Abby and Louise and feeding us nice fresh hay.
I decided to run between the raindrops and get some fresh air.

I did not run far.
Just to the hay pile.
It is under cover so I wouldn't get wet.

I am not a dumb goat.

I maaaaed to the publicist that I had had it with all of this rain.
She told me it was going to rain for THREE MORE DAYS.
This is all I had to maaaaa

If you did not see it, here it is again

We ALL feel this way



  1. Oh, that is a bummer, Pricilla! We have had some rain, but nothing like what you are getting! BTW, I have an award for you!

  2. Oh Pricilla, I hope bright sunny days are just around the corner!

  3. Yes, I would not be happy either. It's warm here too...and that is making me crabby. I guess the rain is better than snow, but I just can't get into the Christmas spirit with 70 degree temps. :(

    I hope it at least gets sunny for you, goat friends!

  4. oh, i so wish we could have some of that rain here! our pond is low. we could use a really big, long, soaking, with run-off rain!

  5. I hope the sun comes out soon. Rain is so depressing and I bet it is even worse when you are a goat.

  6. Rain in December is dismal. But at least the publicist has really cute rain boots!

  7. I am so sorry to see you unhappy. I don't like rain either, but my human is complaining about how dry we are. It is awfully dusty. Would you like to send some rain our way? I'd even take it right now.

  8. teddy would feel just like you! she hates rain.

  9. We've been getting weeks and weeks of rain due to the monsoon season. So yeah, we know what you mean about it being blargh.
    Why are those silly chickens running around in the rain!? They look drenched!

  10. Oh dear, Pricilla. We've had our rain and flooding over the weekend, but it hasn't been been as overwhelming as yours. It comes and goes. Right now it's gone, but there should be more tomorrow. Hey, look at us, talking about the weather!

  11. Oh Pricilla, that is just awful. The Publicist needs to get all of you some rain coats so you can go outside. Glad you got out though. We are sending the sun out there. Hope it gets there soon.

  12. You know, you need to get a publicist who can DO something about the weather.

  13. Hi Pricilla. I never met a goat before! You don't know me but I have a blog too. I stopped by to tell you we got the soap The Woman ordered and they smell really good. The little ones look so pretty and are just purrfect for gift giving. Thank you.

  14. Yuck. We've been seeing reports from the National Weather Service and it's shown all of your rain. Rain can be a good thing but you know what they say about too much of a good thing. Sigh. Even with the rain, Pricilla, you are looking very pretty!

  15. I can understand how you feel Pricilla, especially about the wet chickens!!
    We will gladly take some of your rain too, it is very dry here. :(

  16. I thought it had been damp here, but you are waaaaaaaay wetter. Happy swimming. Do goats swim?


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