Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmaaaaa Carol by Charles DickensGoat

We return today after our Abbynezer had been visited by the Ghoast of Christmeow Present. Just what do you suppose is going to happen next?

Abbynezer became thoughtful after her visit from the Ghoast of Christmeow Present. She did not like that young Bruce the goat might not have enough warm milk to drink. She started to think that perhaps she had turned into a not so nice goat.  She knew there was going to be one more spirit to visit her and it was the one she dread most of all.

(Hey - you are not supposed to make a sound spirit. Keep it together!)

"Are you the spirit I most dread?" maaaaed Abbynezer
"Are you the Ghoast of Cluckmas Yet to Come?"

"Why do you sit upon me so silent, with your bony claws digging into my furs?"
"Are we to go on a journey? Are you to show me what might be if I don't change my ways?"

"OK Spirit, lead on?"

(Seriously bird if you can't keep to the script you are going to be fried, erm fired!)

"What is that I see? Is that what waits for me? The horror! The horror!"
"Tell me Spirit, please tell me that I can change this!"

"Tell me that the future doesn't have to be this bare, this bleak."
"I CAN change!"

"No, anything but THAT!"
"A future without a Christmas Tree-t?! No goat deserves that!"

Abbynezer found herself falling and falling and falling until she found herself in the barn.
Will she change?


  1. I can't wait to find out! Although, to be honest, I am not so sure a chicken is going to inspire her to do anything!

  2. Well, speaking for myself, I would not want to be visited by that third Spirit............. Yikes!


  3. We sure hope that Abbyneezer changes and turns into a nicer goat. Good job Chicken.

  4. There for a moment I though Abbynezers future might be a chicken poop coat,lol! Let's hope Abby has see the error of her ways and becomes a sweet and noble goatie once again!

  5. Ooooo! So scary! That is the creepiest spirit yet! My lady laughed. She thought it was funny. How can she not see the HORROR!!!!???

  6. Abby Goat change? Is that even possible? Will stay tuned for the next exciting chapter.

  7. Confusing fried with fired made me laugh, even though I realize this is serious business!!

  8. We think she changes because she can tolerate that loud spirit on her back!

  9. Looking forward to the next chapter!
    We're rooting for Abbygoat!
    xo, Katie, Glogirly & Waffles TOO

  10. I sure do hope Abbynezer can change, just so she doesn't have to put up with chickens riding around on her back anymore! ;)

  11. Haha! All ghosts should be fried.


Maaaaaa away....


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