Monday, November 19, 2012

The Courting of Pricilla

I may be a retired goat but that does not mean that I am not still attractive to the bucks on the Farm.
Oh no!
I've still got it!
Just watch this movie and you will see how popular I am.
Beware the call of the rooster!

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

My studmuffin, Luke the goat really wants to dance the rhumba with ME!
Me! Not AbbyGoat.
So there - I am still a popular goat around this Farm even though the publicist says I am
"retired" whatever that means.

I am not sure I like this "retired."

I am mad at her that she keeps me from my studmuffin.

I think I will start a petition.
What do you think?
Do I deserve to dance the rhumba?
All of this foolishness that I am too old is just that - foolishness!
Stupid publicist!


  1. Oooo! He is soooo handsome and clearly likes you best! Thank your publicist for that rooster warning. We've been surprised before. Tee hee. I especially like the "go away bird." comment. hee hee hee.

  2. How sweet - you are clearly his favorite, Pricilla!

  3. Oh Pricilla, Lukey is pining for you! That is very romantic. Those silly little bucks sound like Woody Woodpecker!

  4. As hard as it was on me when I came out of retirement, I'm afraid I have to agree with your publicist on this one. You can still drive the boys crazy though!

  5. You tease! You still got it sistah.

  6. Aawwww! Such sweet love and poor Luke and Pricilla - being kept apart. Yes, Pricilla, you still have your sexiness and Lukey responds to it. Wow! Sometimes 'retirement' has its perks.

  7. Poor Priscilla and Luke. That mean publicist. But really - do you seriously want more kids? We aren't sure they are worth the bother - being retired may be the way to go. :)

  8. "The Courting of Pricilla" sounds like a Bronte novel!!

    Luke, you horny devil! Pricilla, you go girl!

  9. Pricilla - the publicist has your best interests at heart, I'm sure.

  10. It was like watching Romeo and Juliet. I'll sign your petition! Anything for Luke. I mean, you.

  11. There's NOTHING as appealing as a Woman of a Certain Age...

  12. Perhaps some birth control and then the Rumba....

  13. You still drive Luke crazy Pricilla!

  14. Oh, boy! He sure loves his Pricilla!! That is soooo cute!

  15. OK, that was HYSTERICAL!!! My daughter and I laughed through the whole thing.... The sounds he made... him going to the fence... him going after YOU! LOLOL that was awesome!


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