Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sherpa is ATTACKED in His Very Small Box

Yesterday you saw Sherpa the Farm cat in his very small box.
We still do not know how he stuffed himself in that box.
He was in it again today!
Silly Sherpa.
He is a big, fat fluffy cat.
He should not go in little, tiny boxes should he?

Just to prove that he was ATTACKED in his mini-box.
It's true!
Just watch - but not if you are squeamish.
He is attacked by a HAND with no body attached.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Wasn't that a SCARY hand?
I would not want it attacking me!

It did attack me once! More than once actually.
It gave me needles!
Needles with penicillin in them when I was sick.
It's a VERY SCARY hand!

I can tell you that Sherpa survived his attack.
I saw him later in the wood pile - alive.


  1. Sherpa, humans are too dense to understand the Lure of the Small Box!

    BTW, do those roosters EVER shut up?!

  2. OMG. There's no escaping those rooster! Even in the house.
    Those moments where Sherpa had his ONE hind leg sticking straight up in the air were just adorable. And how did you manage NOT to topple over is amazing. :)

  3. Poor Sherpa, he just wanted to hang out in his very small box! Hubby aggravates poor Bob cat until he gets up and leaves sometimes too! :)

  4. Good job Sherpa fighting off that hand. That was a good video of you in that very small box. Makes a great teeter toter. Have a great week end.

  5. what a life, eh? i want to be a yurt kitty. what a fun place to live!

  6. OMC! Sherpa is just such a gorgeous Farm Cat - so fluffy and spoiled with his little box. Beautiful but remember, cats will be cats.

  7. too dang cute! thanks for my kitty fix today.

  8. The Tail of Disdain is a beautiful tail!

  9. Poor Sherpa! I'm scared now! I hope the hand doesn't get me!

  10. I think the Scary Hand was very brave because Sherpa has big sharp teeth. Not to mention that enormous swinging tail!! Good ole Roosters!!

  11. There's one of those HERE too! It's a handy plot by the Humans for world domination.

    Sherpa, you must got alotta junk in the trunk to keep that box stable...just sayin'.

  12. The whole family just watched this. We're cracking up.

  13. Sherpa, we're impressed with how you could attack the hand, listen to roosters, clean your back paw, rock and roll and still not fall out of that box! You are quite the talented and handsome Mancat!

  14. Hahahah, the roosters get into every movie somehow! Sherpa's mannerisms remind me so much of Harley!

  15. Hey, that's pretty good defense while being packed tightly into a wee box!

  16. This note is for Pricilla - saw this article on a goat who attacked a paper boy - do you know this goat?

  17. Oh, that looks like fun! Lots of fun.

  18. I absolutely loved that video!! I really want a cat very badly, so this was a very nice kitty fix for me, thank you! :)


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